Good morning.  This is Waleed Ashoo with LithExcel from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I had a challenge here with the advertising community and advertising agency because printers are normally treated as sort of the end of the line to getting the job done and it’s not really based on any kind of equal footing and so we find it’s sometimes difficult because usually the timetable has run out.  The deadline now is very short.  The budget has been consumed and what was left is really left for us at the very end to get done as a printing company.

One of the things that we have done is we have selected three of the advertising agencies that we felt very comfortable with, that we do a lot of business with on the commercial side of the business and developed a program to work with their CEOs, with their C-level executives to really put together an equal partnership, a partnership whereby we can assist them with this cross media, social media, the uses of all this for their clients.  As you’re well aware a lot of times the advertising community takes a bit long to make the adjustments.  They are very much like us in the printing industry and some of the agencies are still doing—most of the agencies I should say are still doing the traditional media with TV, newspaper and those kinds of traditional advertising.  Their clients, their customers are demanding analytics.  They are demanding to see what the return on their investment is going to be and they want to be shown that that return is quantifiable for them and as a result of that the advertising community has been changing and evolving and we have had to make as well some adjustments, but they, in many cases lack, and that’s really good for us in the printing community, the ability to do all of this cross media and to do the various aspects of social media coupling it with the cross media to develop an ROI.  

So we have put a program together where we deal with the executives of advertising agencies and we actually train the agency, share information freely and work with them on an equal footing.  So as they go onto put together presentations and do the opportunity to pitch new clients we go in with them as an equal partner representing the agency, working with them and working on the cross media and the social media aspects of this and help them achieve a sound footing and a sound ROI for their customers.  We have done that very successfully with three different agencies and we had some tremendous results where we—the team of both LithExcel and that advertising agency brought a substantial increase in revenue and sales for this particular client that would have not have been achieved otherwise and so this is, I think, a tremendous step forward and so I think we have figured out in the case of some of the advertising agencies what we can do with them and how we can achieve this.