Cary Sherburne:  Hi, I'm Cary Sherburne, Senior Editor at and I'm here with Jane Bloodworth who is Manager of Printing, Graphics and Map Design at the World Bank.  Welcome, Jane.

Jane Bloodworth:  Thank you.

Cary:  We're here at Hunkeler Innovations Days 2011.  This isn't your first Hunkeler Innovation Days.

Jane:  No, this is my fourth Hunkeler Innovation Days.

Cary:  Fourth.  Okay.  You coming in 2013?

Jane:  I don't know.  I'll be retired from the bank then.  So I don't know whether I'll be coming here or not.

Cary: So, this year's a little bit different.  There's some new and exciting things here.  What drew you here today and what did you see that was particularly interesting?

Jane:  Well we're looking at bringing some additional capability into our organization.  We're getting ready to move the shop to an external location about 11 miles from where we are today and we're actually going to be on the ground floor instead of the third basement.  So we have an opportunity to add some additional equipment and we're looking to bring some of the publication work that's currently done outside the bank back into the print shop to print it internally.  So we're looking at some of the new inkjet as well as toner based web presses to do that, and some of the finishing applications that are here.

Cary:  So the publication work would be books like things?

Jane:  Yeah, mostly knowledge sharing publications, toolkits that we distribute in third world countries to use for the development projects.

Cary:  So I saw here at the show the Hunkeler, I guess you would call it book-manufacturing solution, back in the back corner there with the double plow fold and all of that.  Is that something that looks interesting to you?

Jane:  It is interesting.  We want to run a web line now and we actually go into folded signatures and then gather.  So this is a little bit different application where you can actually glue the book block while you're creating the signatures.  So it's interesting.

Cary:  Yeah.

Jane:  We're not sure yet whether we want to go fully inline but we definitely will go to folded sig.

Cary:  That's great.  So, and what else have you seen?  I mean, we have all the major vendors are here really.  We've got Zycon here, we've got HP, Xerox, who am I missing?  Oce.

Jane:  Oce.

Cary:  Canon; they're all here.

Jane:  They're all here.  It's pretty exciting.  The other thing that we're here looking at a little bit is the NexPress or the longer sheet application.  I have a couple NexPresses now, so it's interesting to see the longer sheet really operating and working because that's something that we want look to implement as well.

Cary:  You know, it's nice that these companies are doing -- some of them are doing some pretty significant announcements here at this show.  It's nice to see that happening.

Jane:  Yes, it is.  It is.  It really is.  It's been nice to see the Xerox machine; that's a little bit different application and so it'll be interesting to see how that unfolds.

Cary:  Yeah, it will.  I guess they've got the Simplex version here, right?

Jane:  Yes, they do.  And I need duplex so I've got to wait for them to get to that point, so.

Cary:  All right.  Well thank you very much.

Jane:  Thanks.