Cary Sherburne:  Hi, Cary Sherburne and Senior Editor at and I'm here with Alan Creel who is President of Creel Printing in Las Vegas.

Alan Creel: How are you?

Cary Sherburne: Lovely Las Vegas.  I just, you know, would like to get your perspective, your company is pretty sophisticated and, you know, pretty high tech but you look out into the general printing industry and there’s still a lot of companies that have not implemented an MIS system even though its been identified as one of the critical survival technologies for the last several years.  Maybe you can talk a little bit about why companies should be making that leap even in this kind of an economy or especially in this economy.

Alan Creel:  I feel that MIS solution is just like any other technology.  You can have front runners and laggers.  Right now technology is a very important part of our business, in the day to day business, in enabling print to stay relavent in this day and age and MIS solution not only has the capability these days of reaching out to your customers and making it easier for them to interact with you but most importantly business analytics help you to make wiser decisions on how to operate your company.

Cary Sherburne:  You know I guess, you know, because people are kind of used to, you know, getting to the end of the month, and totaling everything up and see how they did but that doesn’t work today.

Alan Creel:  It might work but I wouldn’t recommend it. 

Cary Sherburne:  Because at least you can take evasive action so to speak if you’re in the middle of the month and you see things going south, you know, otherwise you just don’t know and then it’s too late sometimes. 

Alan Creel:  I think real time data is the only way to operate. 

Cary Sherburne:  Yeah, that’s great and in your implementation it’s really touching everybody in the plant, right?

Alan Creel:  All of our employees will at some point interact with our MIS system.

Cary Sherburne:  Yeah, that’s great.  Well I applaud you for doing that and, you know, jumping in with both feet end to end and we’ll check back and see how it went.

Alan Creel:  Let you know.