Show Notes

Peter Gunning on Linkedin

Opened in 1998

“Own creative relationship”

Merchandise print vs price based printing discussions”

Knowledge is in the system (sustainable) - hire a kid vs. license a platform

Building a website is seen as an investment, buying print is seen as a cost

Printers need to expand and transition to more of a Digital Services Company.

Online is now the first thing print customers think of, then print.

Nettl “Your Neighborhood Web Design Studio”

With a Central location that does the production with commercial print equipment.


Own the “creative relationship” of your customers: Acting as a trusted advisor and grow with them by creating business cards, printing, logo, website design and marketing. Retail spaces offer a coffee shop and a community environment that inspires customers.

Nettl employs “Geeks” (programmers/developers) that look for commonalities for the customers specific industry.

Solving the Customer's Problem in advance of meeting with the client and submitting a proposal by:

  1. Build a fast path: start, middle, end
  2. Instruction Recipe
  3. Portfolio example

Nettl has a large scale of portfolios of many different industries.

Biggest barriers that printers come up against when getting into the digital services business:

  • Don't know how to get started.
  • Still doing it the old way.
  • Too busy.
  • Too expensive and too uncomfortable.

Ecommerce is like opening a second location.

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