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Started DPI, Inc. with husband Bob Moore

Business Owner for 22 years.

Printing went from a craft to a manufacturing process when in 1993 they jumped into HP Indigo.

Sold company in 2012 to RPI. WhatTheyThink Coverage:RPI Acquires DPI

Started at Tharstern in 2015. WhatTheyThink Coverage: Tharstern Appoints Industry Pioneers to Head New U.S. Operations


Key takeaways

Challenge, engage and mold customers to know that flexibility is costly.

The Challenger Saleby Matthew Dixon  (Author), Brent Adamson

MIS transitions are hard but they create a great opportunity to restructure your business model and to transition to today's world.

As a Printer, you need to become a Data Driven Company and to provide that data to your Customers easily and clearly.


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