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DALIM SOFTWARE Demonstrates their Flexible Automation Platform for E-Commerce Photography and Print Catalog Production at NRF 2020, Booth 126

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Live photo booth demonstration of DALIM ES shows how quickly retailers use DALIM ES to take, process, and approve product photography for print and online images.

DALIM SOFTWARE (www.dalim.com), makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content for retailers and brands, will be demonstrating DALIM ES on booth 1263 during NRF 2020, retail’s big show, January 12-14 in New York City. DALIM ES allows retail and brand companies to store, manage, organize and produce marketing and project content faster, with confidence. DALIM SOFTWARE will feature demonstration of a live photo booth illustrating how quickly retailers can use DALIM ES as a project management tool to take, process, and approve product photography.

Today, businesses must reinvent retail, enabling them (and their products) to connect with customers at every stage of the shopping journey—whether it’s in store, on apps, or most significantly recently, across the Web. Retailers need to be able to react nimbly. Automated production workflows take on even greater significance, offering to make omnichannel (print, online, video, etc.) efforts much easier to manage.

DALIM ES is also used as a project management tool for the efficient production of product images or videos required for either an e-commerce web shop or print catalog, for highly automated and efficient studio production. “What we find missing among many retailers is a process or automated workflow to make use of all their content. On a daily basis retailers must create new selling content—copy and images—for online, print and video use,” explains Graham Blanks, DALIM SOFTWARE Director Business Operations North America. “The process of sorting through product photography is particularly daunting. Can files be moved from the photo studio directly into the system? How quickly can all stakeholders review and approve them? Is there an audit trail to keep comments and approvals? And, when it comes to the images themselves, are they normalized so that they are at appropriate resolutions with an appropriate color space (RGB/CMYK, etc.) for print, web or any other use? Is a customized metadata system available to identify or find a file? That’s what DALIM ES offers—an easily managed process to photograph, quickly review, produce and store product images. A photo technician can shoot and send images directly to the workflow. The creative/advertising team can select their preferred images. If merchandisers overrule them, alternatives can be delivered immediately for approval.”

When putting together weekly ads, inserts and flyers, and creating new in-store promotions—particularly under very tight deadlines—trying to get reviews and consensus between the advertising department, merchandisers, field sales, legal, and other departments is a very labor-intensive process. A software solution that automates most of these tasks can better manage, track and collaborate campaign activities, and assure that they meet deadlines.

DALIM SOFTWARE has been providing automated production workflow solutions for more than twenty-five years. It offers a collaborative workflow management and digital asset production platform that lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output. DALIM ES also allows retailers to easily repurpose the final content to other areas. As such, it becomes the hub to aggregate all product information as retailers move towards Product Information Management. Retailers must be ready to invest in a system that can handle all product data, content and materials required to market and sell products.

For those with fiscal responsibility, DALIM ES can eliminate a number of processing costs and demonstrate a pretty significant ROI. “Once retailers decide to work with DALIM ES, they typically find that expenses like labor, printing and courier costs shrink—as well as the time to produce and approve marketing projects, adds Blanks. “We believe we offer a very unique solution that can help visitors to our booth at NRF produce marketing materials much more efficiently.”

Anyone interested in scheduling, in advance, a meeting with DALIM SOFTWARE can do so by visiting https://nrf.dalim.com/contact.php, or sending an email message directly to [email protected].


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