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Xerox Says SmartPress Production Consultants Key Part of iGen3 Launch

Press release from the issuing company

April 8, 2002 -- (WhatTheyThink.com) -- Xerox’s goal in 2002 is to roll out the iGen3 gradually, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The company will focus significant resources on building volume in the first installations and will achieve this goal using what Xerox calls - SmartPress Production Consultants. Xerox will be taking orders for its new DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press on April 9 at IPEX. The company plans back-to-back successful showings of the product at IPEX (England) and the ON DEMAND event in the U.S. later this month. The iGen3 is a result of a $1 billion investment. The new 100-ppm Xerox press has been highly anticipated in the graphic arts market and Xerox hopes it will revolutionize digital color printing the way the Xerox DocuTech did for monochrome printing in the early 1990s. Speaking in an exclusive interview with WhatTheyThink.com, Frank Steenburgh - Senior Vice President, General Manager, DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press Marketing Operations - said there will be a Xerox SmartPress Production Consultant placed at each of the early installations for two months to facilitate integration and build volume. Steenburgh says special care was given to determine how training would be undertaken. “We decided a SmartPress Production Consultant would be the most effective way to get the customer up to speed on the machine. This certified trainer will be with our customers when the iGen3 is installed and will conduct on-site, real-time training to provide expert knowledge on the presses workflow and applications.” Operator training will be a three-week process. Declared Steenburgh, “The first week is spent in Rochester at the Xerox Training Center where the customer develops a familiarity with the system. For week two, the training continues at the customer location on the installed system. At this time, the SmartPress Consultant familiarizes the customer with the production features and capabilities. Week three training focuses on maintenance and how to optimize image and uptime. Throughout this program, we are establishing a partnership between Xerox and the iGen3 customer to ensure their utmost satisfaction and success.” Xerox will have three DocuColor iGen3 Presses running at IPEX. Says Steenburgh, “There will be a variety of customer applications running on the iGen3 presses, including a variable information application just for IPEX.” Premium Access Members at WhatTheyThink.com can view the entire interview. Mr. Steenburgh explains their IPEX and ON DEMAND plans including more details of the iGen3. Topics include: - “New Revenue” for Xerox the company - The most interesting patents - Putting the iGen3 Team together - Selling to commercial printers - Sticking with the “5 cents per page” cost - The roll out plan