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Quad/Graphics Co-founder, Bill Krueger Retires Leaving a Rich Legacy

Press release from the issuing company

April 1, 2002 -- Today marks the end of one era for company co-founder Bill Krueger and the start of another. After 31 years with Quad/Graphics, Bill, manager of their Saratoga Springs, New York, Building Services department, is retiring. But it won't be easy. Ink runs deep in the veins of the hard-working Krueger family, which boasts five generations of printers. His great-grandfather began the family legacy, and today at Quad/Graphics the Krueger "inkline" lives on through Bill's continued involvement in projects as well as through his two sons: Dean, Saratoga Imaging manager, and Chris, Saratoga Imaging technician. Bill's sons have relied on their father to be a role model and mentor. "My dad would show me the right way to do a job, never cut any corners," Chris said. "Over the years I would, and still can, ask my dad for advice, and get the best." The Kruegers have enjoyed a long history with another printing family - the Quadraccis. In 1934, William A. Krueger, Bill's father, and Harry R. "Senior" Quadracci co-founded W.A. Krueger Co. (now part of Quebecor World). In 1960, Harry V. "Larry" Quadracci, the company's president and founder, joined Krueger as general counsel.  The Krueger-Quadracci family connection continued when Bill became a Quad/Graphics co-founder in December 1971.  "I just wanted to do well in the printing industry like my father, grandfather and great-grandfather did," Bill said. "I had known Larry for many years, and I felt that we [the co-founders] were in good hands." 'Roll' Player Bill spent summers during high school doing maintenance and janitorial work at his father's company. He gravitated toward that at Quad/Graphics. "I was a roll tender, and when the press went down I would do facility and press maintenance," he said. As the company grew, Bill was able to focus his skills on equipment and facility maintenance. When the decision was made to open a plant in upstate New York, Bill was on board with the idea. "I immediately fell in love with Saratoga Springs," he said. Many call Bill the "McGyver" of Quad, the type of guy that could build a press out of a stick and piece of gum. "His greatest accomplishment, in my opinion, is being able to make a vision a reality," said Peg Neilio, Saratoga Quad/Education manager. The many co-patents that Bill has with Quad/Tech are a testament to his skills. Bill has also had a hand in the company's bricks and mortar. Early on in his career he worked closely with Harry R. "Senior" Quadracci to design plant additions and new construction. That piqued his interest, and he has been designing and spearheading construction projects ever since. Back to the Future Bill worked this, his final week, in Quad/Blues where it all began for him: Pewaukee, Wisconsin. "I thought it would be neat to finish where I started," he said. As for the future, Bill has big ideas. He'll refuel his passion for flying as he builds his own plane. (Remember, he's McGyver.) Frank Arndorfer, vice president of Finishing Operations, introduced Bill to aviation in 1972. On the ground, he plans to spend quality time with his family. "I am really looking forward to spending time with my grandkids," he said. And don't look for any moss to grow under Bill, even during retirement. "There is an awful lot of the country and the world my wife [Candy] and I would like to see together," he said.