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ESTIPRINT Seeks to Expand ASP Offering to North American Printers

Press release from the issuing company

March 29, 2002 -- ESTIPRINT, Inc. is a GRAPHISOFT subsidiary that commercializes its software in America. Created by a printer for printers, GRAPHISOFT has more than 15 years' experience in management systems for printing businesses. Its first, fundamental development was an expert system for estimate calculation designed to optimize an entire firm's productivity. Today GRAPHISOFT proposes a comprehensive, high performance software package for printing business management. It covers all aspects of production, from sales action management right through to invoicing, using the expert system for estimate calculation, production and stock management. Estiprint is the expert system for calculating estimates: from the simple description of the finished product, Estiprint will examine all feasible possibilities, given the different techniques and machines available. It will select the best solution in cost terms, from prepress to finishing, including paper and printing. Estiprint generates the quote letter to be sent to the printer’s client, by mail, fax or email, and generates the job specification and invoice. Estiprint is user-friendly and easy to set-up. It saves time, and a sales person can make up to 150 estimates per day with Estiprint. Estiprint is available in the following versions: American, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch. Print to B is a new e-commerce service for printers who want to propose online estimates to their clients. Print to B is neither a open market place, nor a form to be filled in and sent to the printer's mailbox. Print to B allows the printer to enhance its relationship with the client, by proposing him to calculate in real time their estimate on the Internet. The printer is always in control: the service is accessible via the printer’s web site, and the prices are set by the printer, specifically for a given client. Besides, the printer can download anytime the estimates done online by its different clients. With Print to B, the printer saves time, and increase customer satisfaction and retention. Print to B can be used as a prospective tool as well. GRAPHISOFT has more than 4000 users in 800 print houses: commercial printing, teaching, government departments, integrated print houses and publishers. GRAPHISOFT’s customers are located in more than 20 countries (Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Portugal, Tunisia, Senegal, Ecuador, etc.). GRAPHISOFT is currently searching for commercial partners in order to expand, particularly in America. http://www.printtob.com