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cyan soft Launches Text-Corrections Edition of cyan eProof

Press release from the issuing company

Limassol, Cyprus, September 9, 2002 -- cyan soft ltd., the leading developer of high-caliber software solutions for the pre-press & publishing industry, is proud to announce the release of the Text-Corrections edition of cyan eProof, the premier web proofing solution. eProof has taken PDF proofing to the next level by adding reliability, simplicity, and efficiency to the PDF proofing process. On top of that, eProof enhances PDF proofing with a unique formatted text editor, which allows correcting original PDF text, and a number of additional proofing tools. In contrast to PDF proofing workflows based on the proofing tools of the full version of Acrobat 5, eProof provides its proofing tools without requiring any software investments on the clients side - Windows and Mac users can easily proof and approve jobs over the Internet using a standard web browser. "Our customers and their clients emphasize that it is not sufficient for their remote proofing to merely send a PDF by e-mail or publish it on the Internet. What they need is a truly reliable proofing process, where they can be absolutely sure that all requested changes are made and re-approved, and that its actually the latest version of the job that the clients proofread and eventually release. eProof ensures this reliability in the proofing workflow.", reported Frank Petersen, marketing manager at cyan soft. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) relies on cyan eProof to easily and quickly collaborate with its more than 20 branches Europe-wide for translating, proofing and signing off its wide range of sales materials: from leaflets, brochures and catalogues to big boards. "The feedback about eProof was much more positive than expected... very soon a complete switch to the new eProof system was demanded by the European Ford branches. The new eProof solution was apparently not only very easy to use, it proved to be a highly appreciated simplification of Ford's work", explains Klaus Dienstbier, General Manager of Staudt Lithographie, Bochum Read more about eProof success stories: http://www.cyansoftware.com/success_stories.htm eProof Boosts PDF Proofing with: Formatted Text Corrections - with a simple click on the proof, clients can easily correct both the original text blocks and tables in a formatted editor, which is automatically filled with the formatted text block or table of the job. Reliable Proofing Workflow - clients can only access the latest version of a proof. eProof ensures that all persons involved work on the same version, that all requested corrections are applied, and that everybody is quickly notified about the changes. eProof eliminates the risk of proofing and signing off old versions and excludes costly miscommunications, which frequently happen if PDFs are simply sent by e-mail or posted online. Easy-to-Track Corrections - correction requests have several attributes, such as: originating user, status information, page element, date and time stamp. History used to track down every job, version, and correction. No Need to Buy any Extra Software for the Client's Computer - Spare your customers the burden of extra software expenses. Most customers still have not obtained the full version of Acrobat 5 for all their workstations, and with eProof you don't have to ask them to invest in many copies of the full Acrobat 5 version in order to make corrections with remote proofing. Once offered remote proofing as a free service of your company, your customers will happily adopt the new, more convenient and trouble-free way of proofing, quickly and firmly. Thus, you will bind your customers to your organization, as the eProof service will become an essential and enjoyable part of their workflow, which they would lose if turned to your competitor. Thumbnail Views - handy previews for jobs and pages that are organized in folder-like structures, making the navigation fast and intuitive even for beginner computer users. Reliable and Secure Environment - advanced security system, using SSL, user accounts, user groups, management rights, and category-based permissions. You may get more information on eProof, our online proofing solution, and our company at our web site www.cyansoftware.comcyan_eProof.htm cyan soft ltd. is a fast growing and world wide operating software company, which excels in developing innovative, high-caliber software solutions for the publishing and graphics industries. Among cyan's customers are many Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations.