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Mohawk Releases Mohawk Maker Quarterly No.15, The Materials Issue, at Adobe MAX 2018

Press release from the issuing company

Cohoes, N.Y. – Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty materials for commercial and digital printing, released the fifteenth issue of its celebrated Mohawk Maker Quarterly at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, CA last week. For over five years, each issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly explores a single topic through the lens of diverse creative disciplines and the work of a broad range of groundbreaking creatives. Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 15 is dedicated to Materials. Consistent with preceding issues this issue brings together engaging content with thoughtful design and carefully crafted print on paper.

Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 15 is made of nine discreet objects each intended to demonstrate the impact and importance of materials in print. Designed by Hybrid Design of San Francisco, CA, this issue is equal parts demonstration and inspiration, using sixteen different Mohawk papers presented in a bold, colorful container which immediately conveys the essence of its focus on materials.

“Materials are an emotional filter. Through texture, color and form, they reveal how we should feel about what we see and read,” says Caleb Kozlowski, Creative Director at Hybrid Design. “When you think of designing for print as creating an object, your choice of materials makes all the difference. The characteristics of the paper you select fundamentally inform the nature of the thing itself.”

Chris Harrold, SVP Marketing & Creative at Mohawk adds, “User experience doesn’t just describe how people navigate a website; it’s also how they engage with the real world. Texture, form and color are essential to that experience. So why spend so much time pushing pixels around only to think about materials at the last minute?”

Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 15 leans heavily on Mohawk’s beautiful new portfolio of Keaykolour papers by Arjowiggins Creative Papers, taking full advantage of this flexible and curated color pallet. the team at Hybrid chose a 9x12” format made up of nine unique objects, each a different size and form factor. The first object is the container whose die cut cover reveals the other eight objects inside. Three versions of the container were designed using three different Keaykolour shades, each paired and printed with bright match color inks. Inside, the remaining eight objects were designed and made from thirteen different papers carefully selected from the Mohawk portfolio. Every object is a powerful, stand-alone demonstration of material selection serving design intent. They feature creators and content curated to provide different perspective on the topic of materials.

Featured objects & articles include:
· Object 0 / Container–Color on Color: Each of three cover designs is a primer on using colored paper with colored inks.

· Object 1 / Editors Letter: Setting the stage for Issue No. 15, let the materials you choose serve your ideas. Written by Tom O’Connor Jr.

· Object 2 / Make it Real: Creatives who embrace real world materials to reimagine their work. Written by Patrick Sisson & John Dugan.

· Object 3 / Time: Is your work design ephemera or enduring cultural artifact? Written by Caleb Kozlowski.

· Object 4 / Waste Not: How four companies are using waste as their primary input material. Written by John Dugan.

· Object 5 / Object: Finding a new way to talk about the object quality of print design. Written by Caleb Kozlowski.

· Object 6 / Obsession: The weaving of Kay Sekimachi redefines the relationship between material and technique. Written by Perry A. Price.

· Object 7 / The Movement: Eight artists’ work prove that materials can be taught new tricks. Written by Jesse Kuhn.

· Object 8 / Color: Three authors place this indispensable design element in three contexts. Written by John Dugan, Patrick Sisson & Sarah Schwartz.

Featured materials include:
· Object 0 / Container:

· Keaykolour, Vellum , Indian Yellow, 111cover/300gsm

· Keaykolour, Vellum, Caribbean Blue, 111cover/300gsm

· Keaykolour, Vellum, Coral, 111cover/300gsm

· Object 1 / Editors Letter:

· Keaykolour, Vellum, Old Rose, 111 cover/300gsm

· Mohawk Loop 25% Cotton Light Cockle, Pure White, 24writing/90 gsm (printed with Mohawk DigitalMark)

· Object 2 / Make it Real:

· Mohawk Superfine, Eggshell Digital with i-Tone, Ultrawhite, 80 text/118gsm

· Object 3 / Time:

· Crane’s Lettra, Pearl White, 110 cover/297gsm

· Object 4 / Waste Not:

· Mohawk Loop, Antique Vellum, Snow, 100 text/148gsm

· Object 5 / Object:

· Keaykolour, Vellum, Pastel Pink, 80 text/120gsm

· Object 6 / Obsession:

· Mohawk Via, Felt, Flax, 80 cover/216gsm

· Curious Collection, Skin, Orange, 91 text/135gsm

· Object 7 / The Movement:

· Curious Collection, Metallics, Aloe, 111 cover/300gsm

· Object 8 / Color:

· Keaykolour, Vellum, Coral, 80 text/120gsm

· Keaykolour, Vellum, Pastel Green, 80 text/120gsm

· Keaykolour, Vellum, Indian Yellow, 80 text/120gsm

· Strathmore Wove, Soft White, 80 text /120gsm

Established in 2013, the Mohawk Maker Quarterly has been enthusiastically embraced by makers and creatives worldwide. What began as a celebration of makers, making and the beauty and tactility of fine paper, the Mohawk Maker Quarterly has evolved into an award-winning publication showcasing thoughtful editorial features, compelling design, and benchmark printing techniques on a variety of distinctive colored and textured papers which demonstrate the range of Mohawk’s expansive Fine Paper portfolio.

Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 15 was skillfully printed and bound by Sandy Alexander, Inc., Clifton, NJ, using 4 color and match UV printing, Crane Stationery, North Adams, MA using HP Indigo + Thermography and Lawton Connect, Orlando, FL using HP Indigo.

To learn more about the publication or to sign up to receive future issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, visit mohawkconnects.com/inspiration/maker-quarterly.  


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