Purchase of ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Press Marks Another Milestone for Top Card Printer

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Six-color ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press with coating module and InlineFoiler system gives Guangdong Bailishi Printing Tech huge boost

“If 2010 is the first milestone in our company's history, then 2018 is our second milestone.” That’s how Mr. Pan Shiwu, Chairman of Guangdong Bailishi Printing Tech Co., Ltd., regards the arrival of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press, a game changer that’s now running at full speed in the printing shop.

Bailishi Printing Tech was established in 2003 and specializes in the design and production of high-end greeting cards, gift wrappings, gift bags and books. To cope with the enormous challenge to its production capacity brought about by rising job orders, Bailishi Printing Tech invested in a new-generation 6-color ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION medium-format flagship press in 2017 with coating unit with InlineFoiler. The press was installed and put into operation in March 2018.

Print quality is the core

“Bailishi are a happy team, and we hope to pass on our values to our customers,” says Chairman Pan. “As a service industry, product quality has always been at the heart of the survival and development of printing companies like ours. For Bailishi, which positions itself at the high end of the industry chain, this is the creed that we adhere to.

“We promise a printing experience that exceeds customer expectations. Product quality is at the core. For this we need the world's most advanced printing technology to improve print quality and productivity, and provide value-added services to our customers.”

The relentless pursuit of printing quality has predictably led Bailishi Printing Tech to Manroland Sheetfed printing technology when deciding to acquire new equipment.

The new-generation ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press is equipped with Manroland Sheetfed's iconic 16-roll inking technology, which maintains a high level of ink supply quality while keeping the ability to quickly respond to fine adjustments – an important factor for Bailishi. "Our products have higher requirements for color stability and due to the high cost of substrates, fine inking adjustment needs to be quickly completed to minimize waste," says Chairman Pan.

One important feature of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press is the TripleFlow ink system. This provides a variety of ink distribution options to suit different jobs, different printing materials and different ink coverages. This innovative solution greatly improves the printing quality of complex jobs and drives down the cost, which results from wastefulness of expensive printing materials. "We think that Manroland Sheetfed's inking and printing technology fully meets our requirements," Chairman Pan says.

The ProServ 360° Performance program was another reason to invest; it’s a pioneering proactive full-service program offered to customers as standard with the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press. This service program includes regular remote and on-site diagnostic checks to detect and deal with potential problems with the press in advance. Annual maintenance is performed by Manroland engineers to ensure that the printing press is always in a stable and reliable state. TopAnalysis regularly sends reports based on equipment production status, points out weaknesses in production and helps companies to make targeted improvements. All of these measures help Bailishi Printing Tech achieve its goal of "highest printing quality". "With full technical support from manufacturers, we are confident, " Chairman Pan says.

Innovation helps the company to prevail over the competition

The Chinese printing market is highly competitive, hence the capacity for innovation is the key to a company's emergence. For Bailishi Printing Tech, continuous technological innovation through the introduction of advanced technologies has become a crucial part of the company's development blueprint. Based on such development strategy considerations, they chose the ROLAND InlineFoiler system when introducing a new-generation of ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press.

“Our core products are all kinds of high-end greeting cards. InlineFoiler provides our products with imaginative space for technological innovation,” says Chairman Pan. Through a special combination of processes, ROLAND InlineFoiler can be used to realize all kinds of metal texture finishing technology in one pass without encountering the usual problem of printed material deformation seen in the traditional hot-stamping process. The cold-stamping process printing glue with a printing plate is used to obtain very fine structures such as text and lines, opening great possibilities for pre-press creative design. Additionally, the new-generation ROLAND InlineFoiler 2.0 adds indexing function. Depending on the different job structures, printing companies can save up to 60% when it comes to foil consumption, making it a cost saver.

“This is the reason why the introduction of the new six-color plus coating ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press is regarded as the second milestone in the history of our company,” Chairman Pan says. “Today, with the help of Manroland Sheetfed's global advanced printing technology, we will expand our product range. We expect to get more business and be ready for the challenges in the future."

Six-color ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press with coating module and InlineFoiler system gives Guangdong Bailishi Printing Tech huge boost.


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