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Mohawk Releases the Fourteenth Issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly

Press release from the issuing company

Cohoes, N.Y. – Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty materials for printing, introduced the fourteenth issue of its celebrated Mohawk Maker Quarterly at the HOW Design Live Conference in Boston, MA. Each issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly relies on a theme for its creative framework. Issue No. 14 of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is titled Lead & Serve and celebrates those who pave the way by helping others find their paths. Consistent with the ongoing strategy behind the publication, this issue seeks to provide thought-provoking inspiration for graphic designers around the world through engaging content and carefully-considered design on paper.

Issue No. 14 is the largest body of content to date, with 224 pages of words and images presented in the oh-so familiar form of a book. The 6.5 x 8.5” format is organized in four chapters, including Mohawk’s regular feature, The Movement; highlighting makers and their projects from around the world. The team at Hybrid Design in San Francisco, CA has struck a perfect balance between visual and word essays, all carefully curated to support this issue’s theme, Lead & Serve.

“There’s a sort of harmonic tension in the marriage of service and leadership. To lead is to step into the unknown, wield power and savor the rewards. To serve is to put others’ needs before your own. To do both strikes a delicate balance,” says Dora Drimalas, Principal of Hybrid Design.

Chris Harrold, VP Creative Director at Mohawk adds, “We take our role as leaders pretty seriously at Mohawk but not so seriously that we ignore the needs of others. We love working with – and for – our customers. It’s the way we’ve always operated and will continue to.”

With 224 pages to experiment with, Hybrid Design incorporated eight different shades of Mohawk paper while using basic printing techniques, along with an eye-popping demonstration of edge painting that sets this issue apart from all the others.

Feature articles include:

Chapter One: Into the Void- This chapter follows the life of American artist Donald Judd and his path to pioneering a new form of art, as well as a new place: Marfa, Texas. It is equal parts visual and text essay, providing an introduction to Judd’s work and his influence on generations of artists, architects and designers. In this chapter:

  • Donald Judd an Introduction by Judd Foundation
  • A Specific Legacy- Conversation with Flavin Judd & Rainer Judd, children of Judd and the co-presidents of the Judd Foundation
  • New York
  • Marfa
  • Some Aspects of Color in General and Red and Black in Particular by Donald Judd

Chapter Two: Questions- The Questions chapter is made up of four articles which position questioning as the root of all learning and an irrefutable characteristic of true leaders. In this Chapter:

  • Transparency: A Transparent Ethos in the Age of being Duped by Emily Gosling- Elizabeth Suzann is a Nashville-based clothing studio that made a name for itself not only through its direct-to-consumer model and less is more range of premium basics, but its drive for ultimate transparency.
  • Access: Great Expectations by Eloise Wilson- A look at architectural design and questions how we might rethink public housing which has been defined by its inherent lack of design and beauty.
  • Failure: Failed State by Patrick Sisson- How the Museum of Failure states the case for embracing failure as an inevitable stop on the road to progress.
  • Authority: Low Class, High Minded The Lumpen Times- Visual essay that looks at the Protest journal Lumpen Magazine as an expression of the aesthetics of questioning authority.

Chapter Three: The Assist- This chapter is broken into four articles that views the idea of supportive leadership, a type of leadership that helps others succeed as one that doesn't dictate what is right for others, but instead helps others achieve success as they have defined it. In this chapter:

  • Listening: No One goes to Brasilia to Party by John Dugan- Explores the phenomenon of “desire paths” and use participation in design.
  • Myth: Makers + Mythology by Patrick Sisson- Explores storytelling as an ancient tool for guidance and an indispensable tool in the work of all designers.
  • Conditions: Magic Kingdoms by Jeff Jarl- Examines a pair of creative workspaces looking for the common thread that makes them tick—and opens up the question of how we can create the right conditions for others.
  • Balance: The Hero and the Ghost by Caleb Kozlowski- This article gives designers a framework to think about how what they do meshes with who they are. To channel yourself and your interests and point of view is to lead, but to put the needs of the project above your personal point of view is to serve. To balance both is to be a designer.

Chapter Four: The Movement- Within this issue we feature seven companies whose creative energy has been channeled to making environments, products and architecture that embody leadership balanced with a view to serving the needs of others:

  • Transsolar, Climate Engineering Firm
  • Jenny Lemons, Boutique & Workshop, San Francisco, CA
  • Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Nonprofit Organization, Brooklyn, NY
  • Fellow, Coffee by Design, San Francisco, CA
  • The Bike Kitchen, Nonprofit Organization, San Francisco, CA
  • Phillip K. Smith III, Artist, Palm Desert, CA
  • Animal Town Game Co., Cooperative Game Pioneers, Nevada City, CA

The Lead & Serve Issue features the following paper and printing techniques:


  • Paper: Mohawk Via Vellum Cyan 80 cover/216 gsm
  • Inks: 2 hits white, match forest green
  • Process: Edge painted match forest green, deboss, clear foil

Pages 1-8/201-224

  • Paper: Mohawk Loop Smooth Pumice 80 text/118 gsm
  • Inks: 4 color process

Pages 9-24

  • Paper: Strathmore Wove Smoke Gray 80 text/118 gsm
  • Inks: 4 color process

Pages 25-72

  • Paper: Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite 70 text/104 gsm
  • Inks: 4 color process

Pages 73-88

  • Paper: Mohawk BriteHue Vellum Orange 60 text/89 gsm
  • Inks: Black

Pages 89-112

  • Paper: Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Husk 80 text/118 gsm
  • Inks: Match golden ochre, match dark ochre

Pages 113-152/185-200

  • Paper: Mohawk Options Smooth Crystal White 70 text/104 gsm
  • Inks: 4 color process

Pages 153-184

  • Paper: Mohawk Via Vellum Pine 70 text/104 gsm
  • Inks: Match light cerulean, match dark cerulean

Established in 2013, the Mohawk Maker Quarterly has been enthusiastically received by makers and creatives worldwide. What began as a celebration of the culture of craft by highlighting the beauty and tactility of fine paper, the Mohawk Maker Quarterly has evolved into an award-winning publication showcasing thoughtful editorial features, compelling design, and benchmark printing techniques on a variety of distinctive colored and textured papers which demonstrate the range of Mohawk’s expansive Fine Paper portfolio.

Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 14 was skillfully printed by Sandy Alexander, Inc., Clifton, NJ, with bindery by Mid Island Bindery Inc., Farmingdale, NY and edge painting by Exclusive Bordering & Harry Otto Printing Co., Elburn, IL.

To learn more about the publication or to sign up to receive future issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, visit mohawkconnects.com/inspiration/maker-quarterly.


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