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DALIM SOFTWARE demonstrates solutions to merge label and packaging production

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Easy collaboration and annotation, from artwork to proofs  along with digital asset management to organize and publish to all channels highlight a complete packaging and marketing production platform.

The challenge to those in the label production supply chain is to determine, in real time, how to produce more SKUs under a faster life cycle with all the regulatory compliance requirements and conventional and digital printing processes. DALIM SOFTWARE will show how its solutions can easily empower label and packaging production—along with all marketing efforts—on booth 9A64 during Labelexpo Europe 2017, 25-28 September, in Brussels. Within DALIM SOFTWARE technology, it is easy to manage packaging and marketing in one single HTML5 web and mobile platform and maximize ROI. 

Featured will be the new DALIM ES 5.5, and its ability to simplify the design of a project workflow. “It's about bringing order to complexity,” explains Carol Werlé, DALIM SOFTWARE CEO. “Finally, brands can manage their complete marketing campaigns, approving packaging creative and technical production while overseeing all marketing projects, and managing content within a digital asset manager directly from one, cost-effective tool. DALIM ES 5.5 is the result of our goals to increase speed, standardize workflows, and easily streamline content communication to improve the ROI.”

Web collaboration platform, designed for packaging

In today’s product development environment, products—and the technologies they’re based on— change rapidly, as do competitive products. Finding ways to optimize time-to-market is a critical component that directly affects revenue. With DALIM ES 5.5, all activities—in-house or externally—are coordinated from design to final print, including regulatory compliance, localization and versioning to ensure efficiency.

Packaging and promotional projects together

A significant feature of DALIM ES 5.5 is its ability to easily manage both labels and packaging—as well as marketing promotion projects. “Based on our years of experience with thousands of workflows in production at a variety of businesses worldwide, DALIM SOFTWARE has reinvented the workflow management process,” adds Werlé. “While many marketing workflow solutions cost time, ES is able to easily streamline workflows to condense time-to-market. And, based on our thirty years of experience, DALIM SOFTWARE has built easy default workflows for those who prefer not to start with their own custom-built processes.” 

DALIM ES enables fast approval cycles, traceability (process stakeholders need to be accountable), and easy collaboration along with compliance to regulations (EU/FDA/21 CFR/INCO). With DALIM ES, users can manage their campaigns as a whole, creating packaging as one component of the entire marketing mix—for example, including cross-links between packaging and collateral materials.

  • Digital asset management (DAM) to organize content: With more and more SKUs, marketing projects must be supported by a wide range of assets like pictures, video, 3D, and HTML5 content. DALIM ES recently received 10 Core Certification, widely recognized as elite status, denoting that a system satisfies the minimum ten characteristic requirements of a successful DAM system. Within DALIM ES, brand owners can organize, edit, and repurpose content as the single source of truth. And, with DALIM SOFTWARE’s customized content management tools that support translations within artwork, users can repurpose all of their regulation texts within ES, creating new language versions of their packaging. Without complex, custom development, this allows companies to reach a quicker ROI. 
  • Fast and easy-to-use soft proofing: With tight deadlines and geographic separation between business partners, traditional proofing methods might not be suitable for efficient collaboration. Soft proofing becomes the obvious alternative. Whether for reviewing and commenting on any digital media content, or creating a color accurate soft proof, DIALOGUE Engine helps to streamline approval cycles and to meet deadlines quicker. At Labelexpo, a new DALIM DIALOGUE update within DALIM ES delivers advanced online softproofing technology—even on mobile. It is the fastest and easiest solution to check content, with new bar code detection and new capabilities to inspect each color channel. 
  • 3D files: To support 3D requirements in files such as samples of labels on cans or bottles, DALIM ES 5.5 lets users share 3D files and view, annotate, and visually compare differences between two 3D models. This helps packaging departments inspect boxes and other packages prior to production. It also helps to repurpose computer generated images—for instance, marketing communication projects for new products even before the first prototype is produced. Brands can generate images from 3D files rather than conducting photo shoots.
  • Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality is being widely used by both online and brick and mortar retailers, offering greater interaction between the product and the consumer. With the DALIM ES 5.5 connector to the Augment Platform, shoppers can simulate 3D virtual products in the real world, in real time, through their smartphone’s camera viewer.
  • Intelligent Packaging reinforces packaging with connectivity tags, readers, smartphone applications and scalable cloud-based software solutions. DALIM SOFTWARE solutions help digitize businesses via packaging throughout the supply chain—from manufacturing to post-sales.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure project performance: DALIM ES 5.5 is an exceptional business intelligence tool to simplify complex data preparation and analysis alongside a business packaging workflow. To identify bottlenecks, users can create KPIs to track project performance and activity workload. Continuous improvement initiatives can be developed using data breakdowns by, for example, time period and reasons for rejection. KPI metrics can also be utilized to measure marketing campaign performance.
  • DALIM TWIST automated label and packaging production: LabelExpo attendees can also see DALIM TWIST 8.5, the latest release of DALIM SOFTWARE’s award-wining production automation engine, With an almost infinite range of processing possibilities, it can implement cross-media workflows, delivering predictable files for different media channels. The latest version includes support for the new Ghent Workgroup GWG 2015 Packaging Specification.

Strong partner technologies

During LabelExpo, visitors can learn how to access files within DALIM ES 5.5 and conduct online editing using CHILI Publisher 5, which integrates seamlessly and transparently. CHILI Publisher provides powerful editing along with an extensive feature set previously available only in dedicated publishing applications. System integrators can choose how to incorporate CHILI Publisher within their DALIM ES workflows—whether for packaging, brand management, web-to-print, magazine publishing, promotional print projects, or other applications.

At the booth, people can also see how to streamline content from Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop to the DAM, using the new Adobe CC connector from Silicon Publishing.

"DALIM SOFTWARE solutions have proven to be successful throughout the label and packaging supply chain, from the needs of brand owners to control the process; to designers who require assistance with the creation of packaging and an easy means to collaborate with the supply chain; and printers and converters, who need production workflow and project management tools," explains Werlé. "We look forward to showing the label community how DALIM SOFTWARE has made production much more efficient and cost-effective."



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