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Digital Workflow Opportunities: Oce Debuts New High End Scanning

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK -- April 23, 2002 -- Oce Printing Systems USA, a leader in digital document management and delivery technology, helps remove limits on digital workflow opportunities with new high-end scanning capabilities. Combined with Oce DocSetter make-ready software, the Oce ScanStation 650 offers an unparalleled solution for the diverse hardcopy scanning needs of commercial and corporate printing markets. Documents are scanned with maximum quality and speed, auto-cleaned, auto-deskewed, edited and reproduced with accurate registration. "The Oce ScanStation 650 helps document professionals cope with the constant challenge of accepting any material their customers need and reproducing it with excellent print quality," said Robert Raus, director of solutions marketing for Oce Printing Systems USA. "As convergence drives new applications to publishing operations, ScanStation gives commercial printers better capabilities for preparing complex documents and capturing these new revenue opportunities." The Oce ScanStation 650 can process books, manuals, loose-leaf sets, maps, engineering drawings, photos and other hard copy originals, enabling commercial printers and service providers to capture new business opportunities and offer more services to their customers. In the past, operations were unable to accommodate such materials and were excluded from the revenue opportunities represented by this type of work. Materials that might have been sent out to a third party for digitizing can now be handled in-house at less cost and with faster turnaround and greater control. The new, easy-to-use Oce ScanStation 650 is based on a high-end document scanning station and Oce DocSetter software, a state-of-the-art scan and make-ready system. DocSetter offers extensive and powerful functions to scan, clean, edit and merge analogue and digital data. The software supports monochrome as well as Oce CustomTone and full color data and can import nearly 80 data formats, including TIFF, PDF, PostScript and JPEG. The workhorse ScanStation boasts a maximum scan speed of 53 ipm simplex and 40 ipm duplex, with a duty cycle of 100,000 scans per month, making it well suited to demanding production environments. The high performance Oce ScanStation scanner provides fully automatic and effortless image processing using Oce ImageLogic technology, a proprietary document-enhancement capability. ImageLogic is automatically activated during the scanning process to analyze and optimize image quality. Even poor quality originals can be scanned with enhanced legibility. The system's 600 dpi output resolution produces uniform, high-quality objects for incorporation into professional digital documents. The ScanStation will be introduced to the commercial and corporate printing market in Booth 1300 at ON DEMAND, where a standalone configuration of the Oce ScanStation with Oce DocSetter software will scan and make ready an archived book. The demonstration illustrates the increased flexibility operations gain for bringing analog materials into their digital printing workflow.