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Printers Envision the Printing Plant of 2020

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Poll of GATF/NAPL Sheetfed Pressroom Conference attendees points to dramatic changes in some areas, sticking  with the tried-and-true in others. CHICAGO, June 20, 2002 – Forty sheetfed printers were asked to share their projections for the future in an instant poll conducted during the keynote session of the annual GATF/NAPL Sheetfed Pressroom Conference held in Chicago earlier this month.  According to the poll participants, randomly selected among Conference attendees, the sheetfed printing plant of 2020 will be a very different place from today’s operation in some very significant ways, while remaining much the same in others.  The majority of respondents projected digital printing will continue to make inroads, with more than a quarter predicting digital will account for 30% of total revenues in 2020, and another 22.2% predicting this segment will contribute 50% or more of sales.  Average run length will continue to decrease, those polled said, with 21.1% forecasting average run lengths of 1,000 or less by 2020.  One area not expected to change much, however, is the way print is sold.  A hefty majority of printers polled (86.1%) said that e-commerce will not replace face-to-face selling as the primary method of selling printing in 2020.  Sponsored jointly by the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) and the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL), the GATF/NAPL Sheetfed Pressroom Conference is known for providing in-depth information on the fundamentals of running a sheetfed pressroom and for putting those basics in a strategic context to help printers grow their businesses.  Next year’s Conference is scheduled for June 1-3, 2003, at the Marriott O’Hare, Chicago.  Complete poll results follow.                                                            Q. What percentage of your revenue will come from ink on paper in 2020?  Percent of Revenue  Responses 80% 27.0% 90% 18.9% 70% 19.0% 60%  18.9%  50% or less 16.2% Q. E-commerce will replace face-to-face selling as the primary method of selling  printing in 2020. False 86.1% True  13.9% Q. What percentage of your revenue will come from digital (toner, inkjet, or other non-traditional) printing in 2020? Percent of Revenue Responses 30% 27.8% 10% or less 25.0% 50% or more 22.2% 20% 13.9% 40% 11.1% Q. Metal printing plates will mostly disappear from use by 2020. False 51.3% True 48.7% Q. Almost all binding/finishing will be in-line with the press in 2020. False 82.1% True 17.9% Q. Screening dots/spots will remain the primary technique for reproducing images through 2020. True 69.2% False 30.8% Q. In the year 2020, a “normal” job will consist of how many colors? Number of colors Responses Four 38.5% Eight or more 28.2% Six 28.2% Five 5.1% Seven 0% Q. It will be possible for the press computer to directly access all relevant job information and schedule itself in 2020. True 59.5% False 40.5% Q. How many production employees (prepress, press, and postpress) will work on the average job in 2020? Number of production employees Responses 4 52.8% 6 19.4% 5 13.9% 8 or more 8.3% 2 or less 5.6% Q. What will your average run length be in 2020? Run length Responses 5,000 34.2% 2,500 26.3% 1,000 or less 21.1% 10,000  10.5% 20,000 or more 7.9%

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