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PROOF-it-ONLINE Launches New Product and Internet-Based Platform

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Version 4.0 Interactive Online Approval and Proofing Just Released - POL Connect - no software browser based approval solution - PDF Select - Acrobat Reader enhancement for PDF approvals - Approval Share - Virtual routing for multiple reviewers - DHS Custom Solution - Dedicated solution for larger shops - XPressProof - Quark extension for generating proof-ready images NAPLES, FL --June 6, 2002 -- PROOF-it-ONLINE, the leading provider of Internet-based soft proofing applications, today announced that it has launched a new suite of approval solutions and tools developed to provide greater ease of use, enhanced interactivity, additional information capture, higher security and greater scalability. The trio of new solutions - POL Connect, (a next generation of the core solution), PDF Select (a PDF approval solution) and DHS Custom (Dedicated Hosted Solution for larger organizations) - were developed after 2 years of feedback from users of the core solution, exhaustive surveys, technology adoption studies and Internet advances. "This new product release is an exciting evolution of PROOF-it-ONLINE made possible by the feedback and requests of our customers and in turn their customers," said Rob Munz, President of PROOF-it-ONLINE. "The changes reflect our desire to provide solutions that combine user demand with innovative development." PROOF-it-ONLINE's focus is on creating streamlined solutions for the proofing and approval process, a crucial part of the creative workflow for graphic arts professionals. PROOF-it-ONLINE eliminates the need for printing costly proofs and delivering them via fax, overnight mail or courier and brings necessary elements that can't be achieved by e-mail delivery. All of PROOF-it-ONLINE's solutions offer proof tracking, management, archiving, branding, website integration, and secure data transmission delivered through a common web browser interface. POL Connect POL Connect has been the Company's standard Internet-based soft proofing technology, which has been offered as an ASP model. Creative providers present ideas, concepts and proofs online for their clients to review, annotate and approve without having to purchase, download or install specialized and often high priced software. The POL Connect interactive review interface allows MAC or PC users to draw circles, lines and arrows, as well as type text, to mark-up the proof in the review window. The application works inside Internet Explorer, Netscape or AOL browsers and does not burden IT departments with installation, configurations or maintenance. PDF Select A new platform designed for graphic arts professionals who work in a PDF workflow and work with clients who are familiar with Adobe's Acrobat Reader. PDF Select is an online, stand-alone application that features viewing and printability of Acrobat Reader with the added benefit of an integrated commenting and approval interface. PDF Select allows reviewers to view the proof through familiar software, while placing comments and change requests inside their browser. The proof posting and management side is similar in functionality to POL Connect. Munz explained, "What we've learned from our customers and in talking to their customers from which they secure approvals is that it's just not enough for them to be able to post a PDF online or send an e-mail attachment for client approval. They must be able to track it to ensure that changes are made and re-approved and that the latest version of the proof is indeed what the client is signing off on. PDF Select enables this process." The new platform ensures users the fidelity of a PDF with fast and reliable interactivity. "We've taken PDF proofing to the next level, adding efficiency and accuracy to the PDF workflow," Munz stated. "In addition, as companies have enacted policies that prohibit the opening of e-mail attachments due to security precautions, we've provided a better alternative." As with PROOF-it-ONLINE's POL Connect, PDF Select alleviates the need for costly IT expenditures as it is offered as an ASP model. PDF Select is compatible with both MAC OS 7.0+ and Windows. PDF Select is available as a stand-alone solution or may be paired with POL Connect. Approval Share Feature PROOF-it-ONLINE is also debuting a new virtual routing add-on for multi-reviewers called Approval Share. Approval Share can be added to both POL Connect and PDF Select and allows reviewer controlled routing of the image or document being proofed. Reviewers can share feedback and approvals across a large organization or amongst many reviewers. The creative provider need only post the image for review once. DHS Custom Solution DHS Custom Solution is a new offering of PROOF-it-ONLINE, designed specifically for high volume, multi-location and franchise-type applications. DHS stands for Dedicated Hosted Solution and is fully customizable for specific corporate needs. The customized application can access existing image servers and databases and integrate into complex workflows. "Many of our clients are large divisions of an even larger corporation," Munz explained. "Our creation of the DHS Custom Solution is in direct response to what they have been asking for. Which is the use of our core approval technologies coupled with their existing internal workflow processes and infrastructure. Larger operations are finding that it creates a better workflow environment. That saves them time and money, plus it allows them to internally 'brand' their division and add efficient online proofing capabilities." The DHS solution is a combined hardware and software solution that is managed for customers by the PROOF-it-ONLINE DHS Team. XPressProof In addition to PROOF-it-ONLINE's new product suite, a new tool is available for users of Quark XPress. XPressProof is an extensions tool available to PROOF-it-ONLINE customers who create their work in Quark. Through an alliance with Gluon, a leading extensions developer, PROOF-it-ONLINE provides a downloadable tool that allows users to create a .pol file (PROOF-it-ONLINE exclusive proof-ready file format) directly from the Quark extension pull down menu. The .pol file is placed in a folder and is ready to upload to PROOF-it-ONLINE. This tool's functionality allows multiple resolution export. "We're excited to be able to offer this advanced tool to our customers because it's so easy to use and dramatically speeds up the process of posting proofs," Munz explained. "Now, with the full compatibility for Quark users, the improved resolution and comprehensive application offerings, we believe our solutions will fit into a majority of workflows," Munz stated. "We've been listening to our customers and users, and they are demanding the types of tools we're now delivering. Customers have been overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic regarding our new products. Because we are a subscription Internet application customers will be able to take advantage of continued innovations and upgrades without the need for new purchases or re-configurations. This promises long term benefits." PROOF-it-ONLINE was formed in January 1999 to answer the need for a streamlined, electronic proofing process that benefits the graphic arts, publishing, printing and advertising industries. For additional information, please visit the website at www.ProofitOnline.com.

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