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Esko-Graphics Launches PlateDriver QPS 4 for Imaging Metal Plates

Press release from the issuing company

Alongside the DPX platesetter for imaging polyester plates, Esko-Graphics now introduces the PlateDriver QPS 4 for imaging metal plates. Gent, Belgium - May 21, 2002. Esko-Graphics is introducing a new, 4-up version of its successful PlateDriver platesetter, capable of imaging metal plates the PlateDriver QPS 4. Configured with a violet laser system with variable power levels, the PlateDriver QPS 4 provides printers the freedom to choose different violet-sensitive metal CtP plates from different plate manufacturers. "The PlateDriver QPS 4 is targeted towards the high-end commercial quick printers who typically print B2/B3 pages," says Torben Rysgaard, Vice President Quick PrePress Solutions at Esko-Graphics. "We want to offer them a dedicated CtP system solution which can be easily integrated into existing workflows, offering high flexibility and productivity." The PlateDriver QPS 4 exposes plates as large as 26.7"x29.5" (680x750mm) for 4-up formats. The plates are very easy to load using the semiautomatic feed-table, although those who prefer automatic plate handling will be able to purchase an optional set loader, available towards the end of 2002. The PlateDriver QPS 4 employs a Bacher 2000 register system, able to punch plates for most standard B2/B3 printing presses. Imaging resolutions are ranging from 1200dpi to resolutions as high as 3175dpi, with screen rulings up to 1016 lines per inch (400 lines per cm) possible. "The new PlateDriver QPS 4 is engineered with new FreeBeam optics, with a violet diode capable of imaging from 2-30 milliwatts," remarks Christian Erikstrup, CtP Product Manager at Esko-Graphics. "When bundled with a Glunzen & Jensen processor, the system can support both silver halide and photopolymer plate systems." The PlateDriver QPS 4 is built with an open architecture, capable of connecting to any workflow system in the market, receiving RIPped pages using the Direct-TIFF option. As an option, the PlateDriver QPS 4 can be delivered with FlowDrive, Esko-Graphics‚ workflow for commercial printing along with an extended pack for impositioning, proofing, press calibration or it can be connected to the customer's existing third-party workflow system.