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Belgacom uses Enfocus Software to streamline its internal communication process

Press release from the issuing company

Ghent, Belgium - Enfocus Software, the world leader in PDF workflow tools announces that Belgacom – the leading supplier of total telecommunications solutions in Belgium – has made an initial investment in 60 Enfocus PitStop Professional licenses. Belgacom’s strategic objective is to efficiently manage the information flow to and from its field engineers. Based on these criteria, Belgacom has selected Enfocus Software tools for their outstanding PDF creation and post-editing capabilities. In early 2001, Belgacom introduced its Documentation and Geographical Information System to create a digital cartography of the complete fibre optic network in Belgium. This fibre optic network must be implemented with over 600 telephone networks and be integrated by the end of 2004. Each network has to be traced and presented on a digital map with complete detailed information about the current and projected status. To achieve optimum success with this complex project, Belgacom thoroughly researched all current technical solutions on the market. The company selected Enfocus PitStop Professional because it offers the best possible technology to manage and manipulate the huge amount of information required for their plan. Belgacom faced the problem of how to transfer this information as efficiently and effectively as possible to its field personnel, who print maps to implement cables and pipes. Before Enfocus: 2 Week File Preparation The advantages of using PDF as an easy transfer file format were immediately apparent. Before implementing the Enfocus software, Belgacom’s staff needed up to two weeks to prepare the necessary files. Each file contains up to 10 maps containing detailed information on placement etc. The initial idea was to transfer these files in PDF format to the laptops of the agents in the field. The problem was that agents still had to open several files. Apart from being extremely time consuming, there was no possibility to edit or update when needed. This is when the quest began for a software package that would enable the combination of PDF documents in several layers along with editing abilities. PitStop Professional fit this requirement perfectly. After Enfocus: Fast & Easy Access Belgacom is now able to make modifications to one central file in order to improve clarification and visibility for the field engineers. For instance, colouring the cables that need to be implemented is extremely useful for the engineer. These are temporary edits and don’t need to be archived in the central database. Having these post-editing capabilities in PitStop Professional is extremely useful. PitStop Professional has demonstrated very positive results in managing Belgacom’s complex information management process. Belgacom is currently working with 60 PitStop Professional license keys and expects to extend this number over the coming year.