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Xerox Multifunction Systems Earn Recognized High Standard for Security

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER, N.Y.--June 8, 2004-- Xerox Corporation has earned the coveted international standard in security assessments for six of its office multifunction systems, making it easier for Xerox customers to meet the high-level security requirements and increasing regulations in the government, military, healthcare, legal and financial sectors. Engineered for the office, the latest versions of Xerox WorkCentre M35, M45, and M55 copier-printers and WorkCentre Pro 35, 45 and 55 advanced multifunction systems have all received the National Information Assurance Partnership's Common Criteria Certification, an internationally recognized standard for security claims of IT products and systems. NIAP is a U.S government initiative designed to meet the security testing needs of both information technology producers and users. "With increasing regulations surrounding privacy, document security is one of the greatest challenges and demands on IT personnel and users in the market today," said Daniel Corsetti of IDC, a market research firm. "Common Criteria Certification provides third-party validation of security claims and allows people to trust their information systems and networks to function as required." The U.S. Department of Defense requires all IT products used within the department, all military branches, and buildings such as air bases or the Pentagon to have Common Criteria Certification. Other federal agencies are also seeking third-party assurance from NIAP that office equipment is secure. "Many office equipment manufacturers claim their products are secure," said Emerson U. Fullwood, president, Xerox Channels Group. "The only real proof is to successfully complete this rigorous certification process. This is further validation that Xerox is able to help customers keep their highly sensitive information safe." In order to receive Common Criteria Certification, products need to go through rigorous evaluation and be tested by NIAP-approved Common Criteria Testing Laboratories. Unlike competitors, Xerox had NIAP evaluate its entire multifunction system. Specifically, NIAP certified the following features: Embedded Fax - While firewalls prevent unauthorized access to a customer's system through the network connection, unprotected fax connections in multifunction devices can be an open back door into the network. Xerox is the only manufacturer that can offer a Common Criteria certified product that assures complete separation of the fax telephone line and the network connection. Image Overwrite Option - The Image Overwrite Security option electronically "shreds" information stored on the hard disk of devices as part of routine job processing. The electronic erasing can be performed automatically when each print job is completed, or reset manually as needed. The Xerox Image Overwrite Security process uses a three-pass algorithm originally specified by the U.S. Department of Defense. Other security features available on various Xerox multifunction systems include: Internal Auditron - People are required to enter an authorization code to use walk-up copy features of the device. Administrators can also limit the number of copies available for each person, track usage at an account or department level, and download data to a PC to generate audit reports. Network Authentication - Access to scan, e-mail and fax features can be restricted by verifying network user names and passwords in network directories prior to use of these functions. Removable Disk Drive Accessory - Administrators can physically remove hard drives from the machines, virtually eliminating the risk of unauthorized access to classified data. Secure Print - Jobs are safely stored at the device until the owner enters a personal number to release them. This controls unauthorized viewing of documents sent to the printer. The award-winning WorkCentre Pro 35, 45 and 55 are advanced monochrome digital multifunction systems that print, copy, fax, scan and e-mail. They also are designed with an open architecture, advanced networking, and easy integration with software solutions from third-party providers. The award-winning Xerox WorkCentre M35, M45, and M55 copier-printers offer the essential features of a Xerox multifunction device. The systems process multiple jobs simultaneously; a person can scan a document once and print as many documents as needed; and people are able to monitor the status of their jobs either at their PC or at the device. NIAP certified units will begin shipping to customers in August. Current customers may update their units immediately by visiting the Xerox security website at: http://www.Xerox.com/security and downloading the latest software updates. Launched in 2003, these six systems have earned Editor's Choice awards from Better Buys for Business, a leading independent authority on office imaging equipment. All of these devices enable companies and government organizations to consolidate equipment, save space and energy, and increase office productivity. Xerox's CopyCentre(TM) C65, C75 and C90 digital office copiers and WorkCentre Pro 65, 75 and 90 advanced multifunction systems are currently in evaluation with NIAP.