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ECRM Imaging Systems Launches Mako 4matic

Press release from the issuing company

May 20, 2004 -- ECRM Imaging Systems continues its strategy of making CTP more accessible and cost-effective with the launch of the MAKO 4matic, a fully- automated CTP solution based on simple-to-use, proven imaging technology. The MAKO 4matic is an automated version of the successful MAKO 4 CTP system, which has received high acclaim from small and medium sized commercial printers. Combining proven imaging technology with a straight-through plate path and end-to-end automation, MAKO 4matic provides a simple and easy transition to CTP production, without compromising on quality, reliability or productivity. “MAKO 4matic is the ideal replacement for aging imagesetter technology,” states Peter Wilkens, VP Worldwide Marketing at ECRM. “Using proven technology, we have added simple, well-designed automation to deliver all the benefits of CTP to commercial printers at the lowest cost of ownership in its class.” The MAKO 4matic can accommodate plate sizes between 15.15” x 15.15” (385 mm x 385 mm) and 25” x 36.5” (635 mm x 927 mm). The largest format provides generous space for oversize jobs such as 6-page gatefolds with all printers marks and color bars in position. Both cassette and pin bar can be changed in seconds to accommodate different plate sizes and/or press registration systems. The MAKO 4matic is able to deliver improved productivity and turn-around times at a low price through its simple design and proven Violet imaging technology. A range of design features have been incorporated to make the MAKO 4matic easy to integrate, operate and maintain, minimizing the ongoing cost of ownership. Plates stored in a light-tight cassette are automatically fed to the integrated registration system, which matches the configuration on press. This provides excellent repeatability, easy plate mounting and shorter makereadies. The MAKO 4matic also provides savings in materials, time and resources, reducing make-ready with faster registration and clean-up. Time savings result in increased press utilization, cost-effective productivity and rapid return on investment. Peter concludes, “With the MAKO 4matic, we have made sure that the entire CTP solution is cost-effective. The design simplicity makes the MAKO 4matic reliable, keeping maintenance costs down. There are no hidden costs. All you need are plates, a processor and a short training course – and you have made a simple, economic transition to automated CTP production."