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Tucker-Castleberry installing third ROLAND 700 & adding PECOM

Press release from the issuing company

Atlanta, Georgia — Tucker-Castleberry Printing, one of the South’s most successful family-owned commercial facilities, is adding a third six-color ROLAND 700 with in-line coating to its pressroom. The company is further taking advantage of the May installation to connect the PECOM press operating and automation system to all three of its MAN Roland presses. “MAN Roland is by far the best printing and most productive press in the marketplace,” says Tuck Tucker, President of the 70-employee facility. “I have a 1995 700 with 160,000,000 impressions and it prints as good today as it did the day I bought it. Solids are fantastic, no streaks, no ghosting, no problems.” Founded in 1949, Tucker-Castleberry has grown to become a mainstay full-service printer for Atlanta companies. One example: the facility prints the media guide for the Atlanta Falcons NFL franchise. Tucker-Castleberry also works with national accounts, including major corporations, advertising agencies, design firms, sports franchises and associations. Products range from brochures to catalogs, programs, calendars and cards. The company’s ROLAND 700s handle it all, able to print on stock ranging up to 40 pt. “Not only do they print exquisite solids, but they keep hickeys out with their unique delta dampening system,” Tucker says. “We are also able to store all the components of every job on the CCI computer in case a reprint or similar job comes up. This is the same computer that constantly monitors color and keeps it consistent throughout the press run.” By equipping its pressroom with the PECOM operating and automation system when the new 700 arrives, Tucker-Castleberry will be able to elevate its automated efficiencies to the next level. For instance, PECOM’s JobPilot module will equip it to preset a variety of makeready functions for a forthcoming project while a current job continues to print. “I think MAN Roland’s Computer Controlled Inking is the best system out there,” Tucker says. “And once we get PECOM going, we expect to save another 25% in makeready.” That will equate to a further 12-15 minute reduction on every makeready. The resulting savings will add up quickly, considering that Tucker-Castleberry operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, and uses the weekends for overflow and rush work. But the main objective is to be able to react quickly to satisfy customer needs. “We are a company that is ‘sales driven,’ not ‘production driven,’ “ Tucker says. “ All of our employees will go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied; and I mean all the time! This is where we always outperform the competition.” Print quality is a key component of that performance. “We never have to give quality a second thought with these presses,” Tucker comments. “It’s always there.” Enhancing that quality image is the company’s ability to aqueous coat everything it prints. Tucker-Castleberry’s two existing Rolands and its new 700 are equipped with in-line coating systems, and approximately 80% of all printed pieces leave the plant coated. The company’s newest 700 is configured with 2/4 perfecting, and Tucker-Castleberry plans to market the feature, with special emphasis on 2/2 opportunities. New presses mean new pressmen, so Tucker-Castleberry will soon be sending some of its operators to MAN Roland’s headquarters for the press maker’s PowerPrinters Certification Course. The one-week intensive seminar is designed to help press operators get a hands-on perspective on PECOM automation, so they can fully apply it on every job. Tucker-Castleberry crews will also get onsite training throughout the installation and ramp-up processes. Tucker credits his staff with keeping his company growing at a time when many firms were downsizing. But he also acknowledges that technology is playing a role. “The bottom line is how many sheets can you put on the floor at the end of each shift,” he says. “I will put the MAN Roland up against all other presses.”