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SMART Papers Launches New Products for Smart Digital Line

Press release from the issuing company

HAMILTON, Ohio--Nov. 18, 2003-- SMART Papers today introduced a new retail identity and packaging system for its SMART Digital papers line. The company also launched 10 new inkjet and laser printing papers for consumers, printers and graphic designers. SMART Papers said the new high-impact retail packaging is attractive, well coordinated and designed for ease of use by retailers and customers. The 10 new papers for inkjet and laser-based printing have been introduced for retail and high-volume digital production environments. The new retail items are available in shelf-ready, full-color, 100-sheet resealable packages. The company now offers more than 100 stocked papers for digital printing, making its offering among the most comprehensive of any North American papermaker. SMART Papers is one of the largest independent papermakers in the U.S. "Our new retail initiative and new digital printing products expand on our tradition of providing unique, premium papers for a variety of market segments," said Tim Needham, president and CEO of SMART Papers. "These papers deliver a well-differentiated, high-end feel at unusual value. They stand apart in an ever-crowded and complex retail marketplace." The new products are currently being sold at more than 300 retail paper stores across the country. All items are available for resale to additional customers and markets. The new packaging is also available for private label customers. The new retail products are: -- Kromekote Inkjet Textured Papers. Available in standard letter size (8.5" x 11") in three unique finishes -- Canvas, Premium Linen and Silk. These photo-glossy textured inkjet papers stand apart from ordinary inkjet papers and will help customers differentiate their work. The three finishes are ideal for the production of distinctive greeting cards, unique business cards, personalized decorative artwork and other applications. -- Kromekote Color Laser Textured Papers. Also available in standard letter size (8.5" x 11") and in the unique Canvas, Premium Linen and Silk finishes. These glossy textured laser papers are designed for use in both desktop and production rated color laser printing equipment. As with the inkjet textured papers, they will help customers differentiate their work and provide a truly unique paper for users of the fastest growing segment of laser printing -- color. The speed of laser printing today combined with manufacturing advances in image quality make these papers ideal for applications ranging from report covers to business cards in large and small offices. In addition to the new retail products, SMART Papers has introduced new products for commercial and in-house printers as well as graphic designers. -- Kromekote Laser High Gloss CC2S (cast-coated two-side). SMART Papers has expanded its Kromekote Laser High Gloss offering to include a cast-coated two-side sheet. The paper is packaged for print production environments and offers today's digital printer the additional option of a super glossy C2S. Previously this grade type has only been available to traditional offset printers. Now available in 90-lb text and 10-pt. (237 gsm.) matching cover in a variety of sizes including 8.5" x 11", 17" x 11" and 18" x 12". This new sheet provides the same mirror smooth, super glossy surface on each side of the paper stock. -- Kromekote Laser High Gloss CC1S (cast-coated one-side) Xerox iGen3™. Another new offering within the Kromekote Laser High Gloss line is a cast-coated one-side product for use on Xerox iGen3™ color laser printing devices. To improve output and total image area on the Xerox iGen3™, SMART Papers introduces the maximum sheet size of 14.33" x 20.50" grain long in 80-lb. text and 20.50" x 14.33" grain short in 8-, 10-and 12-pt. matching cover. Papers are bulk-packaged in 500-, 750- or 1000-sheets per carton in moisture barrier cartons. -- Kromekote Inkjet Photo Proofing Paper. The new Super B size sheet (13" x 19") was developed as an economical choice for designers and printers who print multiple color comps on large format inkjet desktop printers. This quick-drying product is compatible with all inkjet printers. These new SMART Digital™ products join the company's digital product line-up of more than 100 stocked items in a variety of weights and sizes. To learn more about these products, call SMART Papers at 800-443-9773 or visit the website at www.smartpapers.com. Individuals interested in retailing and reselling opportunities should call Laurie Marchetti, Product Manager, Digital Papers at 513-869-5149.