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GMC Expands Power of PrintNet T with Version Control System

Press release from the issuing company

November 7, 2003 – Boston, MA – GMC Software Technology today announced the addition of robust version control capabilities to its PrintNet T Triple Suite document composition and production software solution. The new Version Control System (VCS) solves the challenges of maintaining accurate, accessible records of document revisions and updates, and helps customers better manage job flow and document integrity. PrintNet T Triple Suite is a single environment, all-in-one tool for layout creation, structured variable and fixed data processing, and high-speed printing of invoices, statements, direct mail and other personalized, data-driven applications. In these mission-critical applications, document professionals can waste time and money and even face potential liability if an unauthorized, incorrect or outdated version of a document is produced by mistake. The new version control option for PrintNet T helps companies avoid these problems. VCS also enhances production job flow by helping users to quickly find and retrieve the appropriate version of a needed document. When a file is added to VCS, it is backed up in a database and made available to other authorized users. Every time it is subsequently saved, it is logged in automatically as a new version, making it easy to go back to prior saves. The ability to store digital copies of documents eliminates the need for expensive physical storage space that can be difficult to manage and search. “We are continually improving and expanding the capabilities of our PrintNet T solution, and the new Version Control System provides our customers with an important tool for greater productivity and accuracy,” said Rene Mueller, CEO of GMC Software AG. “Anything that gives companies a better way to manage change results has a positive impact on their business, and VCS is designed specifically for managing change.” PrintNet T Triple Suite is organized around a three-pronged functionality for business transaction, promotional, and one-to-one communications. As requirements for these applications converge, PrintNet software provides all the tools users need for high-volume, variable data document design and production all on one, easy to learn platform. PrintNet T delivers valuable capabilities not available from any other tool in the marketplace, as it seamlessly links the design and production phases of document job flow for greater efficiency and control. Now the VCS option enables even closer integration of design and production users in transaction, promotional and one-to-one applications. VCS project organization makes team coordination easy and intuitive. Members of design and production teams can see the latest version of any file, make changes, and save a new version to the database. By using the “layout compare" feature, users can quickly compare two versions of a document to identify any differences between them. Another special feature is collaborative work. Two people can work on the same job simultaneously, and when they attempt to save different changes to the same layout object, VCS will prompt them to choose which version will be saved. When users run VCS software on their file server, the program “listens” for calls from users as they log on to VCS. Four types of users are supported. The Administrator has full rights, including creation of new users and job administration. The Programmer user has full rights to create, change, save, delete their own jobs, and can allow others to do the same. A Tester can only run jobs, but cannot change or edit. The Production Operator can only run jobs but a password can be entered to make emergency changes on the production floor. The changes are automatically logged back to the VCS server.