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Kodak Names Acsis, Inc. as Serialization Software Partner of Choice

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Brand owners around the world face increasing threats from counterfeiting and product diversion, leaving them to search for solutions that will protect their brands throughout the entire distribution chain. Kodak and Acsis, Inc. are working closely together to combine the expertise of both companies and offer brand protection solutions that mitigate these threats by providing a dual serialization track and trace system for mass serialization on the packaging line.

“Kodak has been in the brand protection space for a long time and understands the complexities of maintaining a comprehensive track and trace workflow,” noted Kodak’s Randy Young, Global Director, KODAK Brand Protection Solutions. “We work with a number of partners in this space to integrate custom solutions designed to fit the specific needs and situation of each customer. Kodak completed extensive benchmarking and analysis of various software providers with track and trace capabilities to select a software partner to collaborate with who has the level of granularity needed for item-level serialization that addresses both the packaging line requirements and tracking throughout the entire distribution chain. Acsis was selected as our software partner because Acsis is one of those trusted partners—a company with more than 30 years of experience in track and trace, ERP integration, distribution, packaging and enterprise-grade software solutions. They understand the many challenges and nuances associated with the design, integration, implementation and operation of true enterprise serialization.”

The KODAK Track & Trace System is designed to address brand protection needs by incorporating unique, serialized visible and invisible marks onto brand owners’ products or packaging. Marks can then be authenticated, tracked in a database, and traced throughout the distribution chain in a secure, cost-effective, and reliable manner using KODAK TRACELESS System viewers and custom smartphone apps. The result is secure tracking from manufacturer to consumer.

Kodak provides unparalleled integration capabilities in a custom implementation designed to meet the needs of any operation. With access to pinpoint accuracy on item-level security inspections, users achieve an end-to-end system that securely tracks products from manufacture to consumer.

“At Acsis, our solutions generate the serialization data needed to achieve 100 percent compliance with government mandates, manage serialized and non-serialized product simultaneously, and integrate easily with and extend the power of SAP, Oracle and other ERP systems,” said Neil Thall, CEO for Acsis, Inc. “The real value in serialization is achieved when the broader distribution chain can access and leverage this data to improve decision making and solve real business problems.”

The Acsis Enterprise SerializationTM Management solution enhances the KODAK Track & Trace System by enabling and extending the functionality. Acsis Serialization Management software is a flexible solution for packaging line serialization applications that seamlessly integrates with ERP systems and KODAK TRACELESS Systems. Acsis provides a turnkey solution, known as “Serialization in a BoxTM,” that combines Acsis’ best-in-class Enterprise Serialization track and trace software with smart vision cameras and handheld barcode readers that can be implemented along with the KODAK Brand Protection System. The turnkey solution means that customers have a fully integrated, single point of contact for purchasing, integration, and problem solving.

Working together, Kodak and Acsis provide for dual serialization marking and coding on the packaging line—a visible code for aggregation and distribution processes, and an invisible covert code for investigation and enforcement. The solution can be implemented quickly, with minimum downtime, and without a major retooling of manufacturing or packaging processes. For more information on KODAK TRACELESS Solutions, visit www.kodak.com/go/brandprotection. To learn more about Acsis Enterprise Serialization Management, go to www.acsisinc.com/enterprise-serialization-management.


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