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Océ Arizona 600 Series UV flatbed printers offer high capacity and application versatility

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Up to six independent ink channels for high-production throughput of standard graphics, or for new applications capabilities 

Melville, N.Y. – Canon Solutions America, Inc. (CSA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., today announced the new Océ Arizona® 600 Series UV flatbed printers that are designed to deliver high total and peak production capacity while maintaining the uncompromising print quality favored by Océ Arizona Series customers. Four models are available:

  • Océ Arizona 640 GT: four independent ink channels, CMYK printing, standard table size
  • Océ Arizona 640 XT: four independent ink channels, CMYK printing, extra-large table size
  • Océ Arizona 660 GT: six independent ink channels, multiple print configurations, standard table size
  • Océ Arizona 660 XT: six independent ink channels, multiple print configurations, extra-large table size

Six-channel models offer versatility for higher production capacity or for new applications

Océ Arizona 660 models feature six independent ink channels that can be configured to suit the needs of the professional print provider. These models can be configured for maximum productivity or optimized White Ink utility; or with both White Ink and Varnish for maximum versatility.

CM2 [C-M-squared] for productivity

For those shops that focus on retail signage or other standard graphics applications and require the highest throughput, channels five and six can be configured to enhance print speed by adding extra cyan and magenta nozzle capacity. Called CM2 [C-M-squared], this innovation results in Production prints with uniformity and smoothness comparable to those produced in Quality mode. Users can take advantage of this improved print quality to realize higher net productivity, since more demanding print jobs can now be printed in faster print modes. CM2-configured printers also feature Production-Squared print mode with print speeds of more than 495 square feet per hour – nearly 25 percent faster than Production mode. CM2 printing offers higher quality in all the Production print modes and faster printing speeds.

White Ink and Varnish for versatility

For those print providers that focus more on specialty applications, two other configurations for channels five and six are available to expand the application range:

  • White+Varnish: Using white ink, print service providers can produce exceptional quality prints on a variety of non-white substrates – including backlit prints – that can command premium prices. Varnish can be used as a decorative element for attention-getting results at premium prices. These two features can be combined to create truly unique applications for sign and display or fine art applications.
  • Double-opacity White: Alternatively, when not required for use in printing varnish, the sixth channel can be used as an additional white ink channel to deliver double the opacity in a single printing pass for higher productivity when printing white ink jobs on non-white media or objects. This is particularly beneficial for printing on unusual media and for industrial applications.

The below graphic illustrates the available ink configurations for the Océ Arizona 600 Series printers. 

Additional features improve productivity

Océ Arizona 600 Series printers represent the latest generation in this market-leading product family. Featuring award-winning Océ VariaDot® imaging technology that delivers true grayscale tonal reproduction, these models include the following new features:

  • Active pixel placement compensation for optimum image sharpness, density and uniformity over the entire print area – both flatbed or across the Roll Media Option.
  • Precise vacuum system, configured to match the majority of standard-sized graphic arts media. There are six vacuum zones on the Océ Arizona 600 Series GT models and seven on the Océ Arizona 600 Series XT models. These zones have been configured to match the majority of standard-sized graphics arts media to help reduce or even eliminate manual masking, thereby decreasing operator intervention and increasing productivity.
  • Batch mode operation for streamlined, unattended production of complex, many-layered print jobs that require multiple prints on a single piece of media to achieve a specialized result. Batch mode can also be used to produce collated sets of prints (e.g. 50 sets of: 30” x 48” backlit acrylic, 28” x 40” poster, 78” x 158” banner, etc.) for easy fulfillment.

Upgrade path available

The Océ Arizona 600 Series printer family is designed to grow with a print service provider’s business. Owners can upgrade1 at any time to add more application versatility or improve productivity. An Océ Arizona 640 can be upgraded to an Océ Arizona 660 to add six-channel capability, for CM2, White+Varnish, or Double-Opacity White printing.

Meet nearly any application need

Océ Arizona 600 Series GT models feature the standard table size of 49.2 by 98.4 inches, and Océ Arizona 600 Series XT printer offers the extra large table size of 98.4 by 120 inches. Both can print on rigid media up to 2.0 inches thick. A Roll Media Option is available for all models to print on flexible media up to 86.6 inches wide. Just like the ink channel upgrade mentioned previously, owners can also upgrade their Océ Arizona flatbed at any time with the addition of the Roll Media Option.

If a job can be printed digitally, it likely can be produced on an Océ Arizona printer. With the ability to print on a wide variety of media and objects, print service providers can capture revenue from applications ranging from standard sign and display (point-of-purchase displays, retail signage, backlit signs) to specialty and industrial applications where the decorated substrate is not meant primarily for display purposes (e.g. package prototyping, short-run packaging, wallpaper and interior decoration, and consumer product decoration). With one Océ Arizona printer, full mixed-media campaigns can be produced including rigid displays, banners, window cling, backlits, etc., to service a range of customer needs for maximum revenue.

Highly acclaimed UV flatbed printer series

All Océ Arizona Series printers – including the new Océ Arizona 600 Series – share the same award-winning image quality and robust architecture, offering our values of quality, reliability, productivity and user-friendliness. In all, Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printers have earned more than 30 industry awards to date from organizations throughout the world.


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