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Scitex Digital Printing and Emtex Demonstrate Powerful Combination at Xplor

Press release from the issuing company

ATLANTA (October 26, 2003) – Scitex Digital Printing and Emtex announced a joint demonstration of the Emtex VIP and VDE workflows integrated with VersaMark printing systems from Scitex Digital Printing at the opening of today’s Xplor Global Conference in Atlanta, GA. The Xplor demonstration includes Emtex VIP software driving the new VersaMark JetBlack monochrome printing system with IPDS from a legacy AFPDS document as well as the same document enhanced with full color by Emtex VDE software driving a VersaMark Vantage full color printing system. Legacy business applications have become increasingly inadequate, inflexible and unable to effectively meet the demands placed on them by the business. Not only are they expensive to maintain and modify, but in some case the changes required are not possible due to lost staff, the design of the application, or limitations of the host platform. Also these applications are immersed in complex business rules making it uneconomical for a corporation to re-write or even transfer the existing application to a new platform or 3rd party system. Scitex Digital Printing through its partnership with Emtex provides a simple, yet highly effective solution for enhancing legacy documents and adding marketing messages without the need to make lengthy and expensive changes to the host application. “Our partnership with Emtex is one that is built on success,” said Steve Coburn, manager of Systems Product Management at Scitex Digital Printing. “A number of our global customers are utilizing the powerful VIP software from Emtex to transform legacy applications for production on VersaMark printing systems,” continued Coburn. “The simplified migration path that VIP offers has enabled our customers to take advantage of the monochrome, spot color and full color capabilities of VersaMark regardless of existing legacy print streams, such as Metacode, LCDS, PostScript or AFP. In addition, we anticipate our customers will take full advantage of Emtex’s new VDE software to enhance these legacy applications with spot or full color to take advantage of improved document design and 1-to-1 marketing opportunities within these legacy applications.” “We are pleased to be able to demonstrate to the Xplor community the powerful combination of Emtex software and VersaMark hardware,” said Nick Khatri, marketing manager of Emtex. “With hundreds of worldwide installs, including many with Scitex Digital Printing customers, Emtex VIP software has proven to be a workhorse solution for managing mission-critical, high-volume applications. When you combine the capability of VIP to digest and manage legacy applications, the capability of VDE to enhance those applications with barcodes, OMR marks, spot or full color, 1-to-1 marketing messages and virtual inserts, and the capability of VersaMark printing systems to produce these documents in high-volume, at low cost and with Business Color, you deliver to the customer a very powerful solution,” continued Khatri. “Our partnership with Scitex Digital Printing has delivered and will continue to deliver real value for our customers.”