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Global Graphics Provides PDF Creation Technology To PDF Solutions Software Developer Appligent

Press release from the issuing company

Cambridge UK; March 8, 2004: Global Graphics Software today announced that it has licensed its PDF technology to PDF software component provider Appligent Inc. for the upcoming release of PowerAppend, a complete solution for electronic document generation and personalization that is aimed at the financial services, legal, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Global Graphics Software is a subsidiary of Global Graphics S A. and a leading worldwide developer of software components for printing, publishing and document management. Appligent is a global provider of robust, cross-platform server-based solutions whose extensive client list includes many of the Fortune 1000 as well as multi-national organizations and government agencies. PowerAppend is the latest member of its Appending/Publishing family and is its first product to support PDF creation from PostScript workflows and the conversion of customized PDF back to PostScript. This is made possible by Jaws PDF Library, Global Graphics’ software development kit, (SDK) that enables developers, original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators to embed robust and efficient PDF generation seamlessly within their own desktop and server-based applications. “Our customers have been asking for a solution for creating high quality PDF,” said Mark Gavin, Chief Technology Officer at Appligent, “By licensing Global Graphics we give our developers access to proven libraries that compliment our existing tools and greatly decrease our time to market while maintaining the highest quality in the PDF we produce. Creating well-formed PDF is an enormous advantage for those customers with complex workflows because it streamlines processing downstream.” PowerAppend relies on a number of Appligent’s technologies. The document generation application can be used to build compound documents from smaller components or split larger volumes into more manageable subsets; and to add new pages and customize content applied via Appligent’s stamping engine, a server-based application that stamps custom text and images onto a single or multiple PDF documents. New tables of contents can be generated from bookmarks and digital signatures can be applied to assure the authenticity of the new document. Global Graphics technology generates quality PDF that conforms to the PDF specification. “Quality PDF is well formed and in compliance with the syntactic rules set out in the PDF reference manual”, states Gavin. “It must contain all elements defined in the reference and all elements, required or optional, must be represented as defined in the reference. Unfortunately PDF viewers can be quite forgiving of a poorly constructed file, but placing the file in a publishing workflow may result in processing problems for other applications downstream. Correcting these problems is a time consuming and disruptive process in production environments that can be avoided by producing quality PDF in the first place. By using Jaws PDF Library we have added robust and reliable PDF creation technology to our Appending/ family without major effort.”