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Esko-Graphics launches DPX 4 4-up polyester platesetter

Press release from the issuing company

Gent (Belgium) – March 1, 2004. Responding to the market’s demand for a high performance 4-up polyester platesetter, Esko-Graphics announces the launch of the DPX 4, a product extension of the popular, highly reliable DPX platesetter series. The DPX 4 is a 4-up, highly productive, fully daylight operated automatic Computer-to-Polyester Plate system, producing imaged, processed, punched, dried and cut-to-size press ready plates as large as 680mm x 750mm (26.77“ x 29.9”). Esko-Graphics provides smaller commercial printers and in-plant shops a number of clear advantages. The DPX 4 has a very small footprint of about 1370mm x 1060mm (54" x 42"), thus taking up very little space. Similar to the smaller DPX System, the DPX 4 has a built-in twin-bath processor – a temperature controlled activator tank and a stabilizer tank. Both tanks have sensors for controlling the chemistry level and active replenishment; this ensures a correct level of new chemistry in the tanks to provide precise activation of the polyester plate. A 30-liter waste container collects excess chemistry and alerts the user when full. A drain pump allows the user to easily empty the container without interference with chemicals. The processor is mounted on wheels and a guide, allowing it to be rolled out for easy maintenance or chemistry refill. The DPX 4 high-precision internal drum system also features faster, highly accurate throughput, which reduces make-ready-time on the press. Esko-Graphics uses fiber optic cables to transmit the dot directly into the optics and high-speed spinner. It can output thirty-eight 745mm x 605mm (23.8” x 29.3”) plates per hour at 1200 dpi (27 plates per hour at 2540 dpi). The DPX 4 exposes at any resolution between 1200 and 3000 dpi, automatically and dynamically adjusting the spot size by varying laser intensity and focus, resulting in optimum optical quality and high quality prints. Easy loading and take-up The DPX provides fully automatic platemaking without manual labor, offering no waste of time or material when changing media rolls. The DPX 4 load system features two media compartments (one optional) where the material - 61 meters per roll on a 6” core - is easily loaded. The use of two compartments also allows the use of different sized plates for feeding various presses. A new auto-centering system ensures precise centering of new media on the shaft every time a new roll is loaded. During operation the medium is automatically loaded and positioned in the drum and held in place by a unique vacuum system during exposure. The plate material is punched with a built-in Bacher 425mm punch system, exposed and cut to size. If desired, the DPX 4 can be field upgraded with a Bacher 220mm or Komori 550mm custom punch. This provides precise and even registration from plate to plate, and ensures minimum mounting time and easy registration of the plate on the press. To drive the DPX 4, the customer has an option of three different ways to receive files: a one-bit EskoTiff that can receive one-bit TIFF files from other workflows, a RipMate or FlowDrive 4 workflow. All three connections are equipped with a new DotManager user interface for media and processor control, offering the operator real-time processor status. The interface between the DPX 4 and the Rip PC operates through a high speed USB 2.0 port. “Market intelligence is telling us that demand for 4-up polyester CtP is growing at a much faster pace than we thought,” comments Birger Jensen, Esko-Graphics Quick PrePress Solutions product manager. “Esko-Graphics has enabled our customers to grow and expand by delivering excellent quality and unmatched reliability, coupled with an unbeatable low cost of ownership. Many are ready for a larger polyester platesetter.”