StreamServe Offers Powerful Solution for High-Volume Print and Electronic Output Management

Press release from the issuing company

BURLINGTON, MA, 10/27/03 -- StreamServe Inc. today announced the launch of StreamServe Business Communication Platform (BCP) for high-volume printer bureaus. This enterprise solution enables high-volume printers to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of current production environments at minimal cost. It also provides a powerful basis for enhanced electronic communication via every possible format and delivery channel. The launch of StreamServe BCP for high-volume print providers comes as the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated electronic communication technology continues to make the volume printing business one of the most challenging market sectors. This business has traditionally depended on maximizing print capacity and streamlining throughput with uncompromising attention to detail. Every second of inactivity means lost productivity and revenues for these organizations, so maximizing uptime is a top priority. StreamServe BCP provides a wide-range of features that help high-volume print providers automate and enhance the efficiency of their businesses. The solution is unique in that it is the only one on the market today that delivers both robust document composition and post-processing capabilities, including the ability to produce and manage high numbers of complex multi-page documents. StreamServe BCP helps businesses specializing in the delivery of high-quality printed output to deliver to the tightest deadlines without compromising output quality. The solution enables businesses to operate better, faster and more cost effectively, at every stage of the volume printing process -- from capturing raw data through processing to final delivery. It also ensures expensive production printer assets are operational for the maximum possible time, delivering a greater return on investment while also reducing costs. Increasing numbers of organizations face demands for all kinds of electronic communication in addition to their support for traditional printed output. StreamServe BCP enables organizations to offer end recipients the freedom to communicate whenever, wherever and however they please. Dennis Ladd, CTO of StreamServe, said: "StreamServe BCP offers high-volume print providers the best of both worlds. They can keep their high value printer assets running efficiently for as many hours as they wish thanks to our intelligent document creation and streaming capabilities. We can also provide access to a new service offering -- electronic communication. With StreamServe BCP, our customers can deliver an unrivalled combination of maximized printer productivity and sophisticated multichannel document capabilities." StreamServe BCP's support for 'hybrid delivery' means organizations can now capture, process, manage and store data generated in any format -- print or digital. It also enables high-volume print providers to offer a range of delivery options to customers -- from the Internet to SMS, from fax to the printed page. Expanding choice is vital to building customers' loyalty and establishing closer, more profitable relationships with them. Ladd concluded: "StreamServe BCP is a highly versatile and scalable end-to-end solution designed to automate the capture, processing and delivery of information across all formats quickly, efficiently and profitably. It enables high-volume printers to apply their proven business expertise to harness cutting-edge online channels for maximum business rewards."