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4 Over resolves lawsuit against Zoo Printing

Press release from the issuing company

4 Over, Inc. announced today that it recently resolved a long running lawsuit against a local Los Angeles printer, Zoo Printing, Inc., and two former 4over employees who worked at Zoo Printing, asserting claims for trade secret misappropriation and unauthorized use of 4over's customer database.  4over received a substantial monetary settlement and an acknowledgement that the customer database at issue was 4over's confidential and trade secret information.  Zoo Printing, together with an affiliated company Eoncode, Inc., are also obligated to remove and destroy all copies of 4over's customer database from their files.  Michael St. Claire of Eoncode, a company established by Zoo's President Danny Doran, was given a copy of the 4over customer data base by Zoo.  

 "Lawsuits are expensive, but sometimes you have to do what is right and protect your customers' information.  Trust, integrity and loyalty are important to 4over; our customers need to know that we will take action to protect their information," commented 4over's CEO Zarik Megerdichian.

4over filed its lawsuit when it learned that a former high level and trusted 4over employee had kept a CD with a copy of 4over's customer database when he left the company.   The ex-4over employee then gave the CD to Zoo Printing after  he started work there.  Zoo then gave the list to Michael St. Clair, of Eoncode, Inc, who acts as Zoo Printing's information technology specialist, to create a mailing list for Zoo to exploit.  Using the mailing list Zoo rolled out an email driven marketing campaign soliciting print orders directly from the 4over customers on the list.

 "Zoo, of course, continues to deny they did anything wrong.  But I suggest you just look at the facts and make up your own mind. Someone who used to work at 4over gives you a CD labeled with the name "4List", the file it contains is called Customer List, and has over 30,000 entries with  names, addresses, email addresses, etc.  You don't ask where it came from, how the person got it or if they were entitled to have it.  Instead, you just use the list to roll out a new marketing campaign offering steep discounts on print to the people on the list.  Maybe I am naïve, but when it talks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's generally a duck." said Megerdichian, "Obviously, it is their choice how they conduct their business, and I will leave it up to others to judge whether it is the type of conduct they would expect from a vendor they trust with their confidential information."

 4over is North America's largest trade only printer, and is committed to offering its customers innovative products and print solutions that enable them to compete in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. With facilities in 7 states and Canada it has a footprint that enables it to offer a ground shipping time of two days to almost the entire lower 48 states.