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EcoPrint Europe Live: 2012

Press release from the issuing company

Today sees the official launch of a new print industry event dedicated to sustainable print production in retail, interiors, POP and packaging: ‘EcoPrint™ Europe LIVE 2012’. Organised by FM Brooks, part of the Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group, and headed up by Frazer Chesterman and Marcus Timson, the first EcoPrint™ Europe will be held in Berlin on 26th and 27th September 2012 (www.ecoprintshow.com).

EcoPrint’s aim is to draw together a community of leaders, innovators and early adopters who see the true value of sustainable print production, moving the industry forward by enabling print service providers to improve the performance, profit and sustainable future of their businesses.

Frazer Chesterman, Director, FM Brooks, explains: “Most importantly, EcoPrint™ is an event that focuses on good, sustainable business. We believe that true sustainability is a result of the focus on efficiency, the reduction of waste, implementation of effective process management and a committed, dynamic sales and marketing campaign. Our research suggests that increased profit and competitive advantage can result from a strategic investment in improving your business’s sustainable practices.”

Chesterman says the content and focus of EcoPrint™LIVE 2012 will not only be different from any other event in the print industry’s event calendar, it will also provide attendees with a defined and practical guide to implementing and enhancing profitability through a sustainable approach to print business.

Continues Chesterman: “Perhaps the greatest misconception in the industry today is that implementing environmental initiatives costs the printer money and that ‘going green’ is not commercially viable. However, in many cases the opposite is actually true and printers are missing out on an important and profitable new revenue stream if they don’t engage with opportunities in the eco space. EcoPrint™ is as much about economics as ecology because sustainable businesses are in a far better position to embrace sustainable resources.”

EcoPrint™’s unique focus will assist the industry in dispelling these misconceptions and myths, both in the eyes of printers, but also critically, in the eyes of the brands and the consumer. We see this event as a key component in helping the industry to get these positive messages out to printers, their customers and the end consumer.”

Marcus Timson, Director, FM Brooks, explains: “We see that the retail, point of purchase and packaging sectors are leading the change because this is where the consumer comes into direct contact with a product before any purchase is made. Many brands are in the process of aligning their supply chains to meet their carbon neutral pledges in time for 2015 and 2020 and will expect their suppliers to fall into step.

“But there are a number of forces impacting on the print service provider. These include consumer demand, brand and retailer CSR pledges, ‘Greenwash’ and the need to comply with new legislation. All this means printers must embrace a more robust sustainable policy. EcoPrint™ is fully committed to providing guidance, advice, innovation and inspiration in this respect. For exhibitors that have sustainable products, EcoPrint™ provides them with access to a focused community of print service providers who will be receptive to these innovative new products and practices.”

EcoPrint™’s ‘Are you ready?’ launch campaign is designed to challenge the print industry and asks whether businesses are really ready for the shift to sustainable print production. “It is better to begin making the transition now and on your own terms before legislation and regulation forces your hand,” continues Timson. “Being ready proves you are committed to sustainability and are a trusted supplier of responsibly produced products.”

“The print community currently doesn't have a focused forum for eco-print production,” says Chesterman. “EcoPrint™ will create a timely and sophisticated environment that encourages strategic conversation, collaborative problem solving and creative thinking. From the outset, EcoPrint™ has been focused wholly on participating companies and potential visitors, and what they genuinely need from an event. In fact, for the inaugural steering group committee meeting in Dusseldorf, which took place yesterday, over 50 of the industry’s leading manufacturers and key influencers came together to work with us to refine the concept and agree the format for the event.”

Timson concludes: “Lastly, but possibly most important of all, EcoPrint™ is about creating a new community and inviting everyone interested in sustainability to get involved. EcoPrint™ is designed for the leaders among us because it takes vision and commitment to inspire change. We invite everyone to get involved from throughout the supply chain and the global print industry! From associations and institutions throughout the world of print, to consultants, print service providers, agencies, brands, manufacturers, magazines and online media. We are all in this together, and together we can create an event like no other and one that makes a positive difference to the print sector.”


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