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IFRA Expo: automatically successful with autoprint

Press release from the issuing company

At IFRA Expo 2011 in Vienna, manroland will show how autoprint solutions make customers successful and how one can keep a press state-of-the-art with the pressupdate options. manroland is especially pleased about the first sale of the new COLORMAN e:line in blanket-to-blanket design.

e is for efficiency, easy to operate, ergonomic, excellent printing quality, and energy-saving. manroland is to officially introduce its brand new COLORMAN at IFRA Expo. The first pressline of this series is scheduled to start up in October 2012 at the Allgäuer Zeitung in Kempten, Germany. This attractive blanket-to-blanket solution offers groundbreaking options in totally new industrial design.

Take what you need
This new development is a real alternative to the successful COLORMAN in satellite design: printing speed, quality level, or degrees of automation are selectable and modularly expandable. This addition to the proven manroland product family offers newspaper printers a host of definite advantages regarding ease of operation, above average print quality, shorter makeready times, low operating costs, and low maintenance. manroland has thus provided a fascinating response to the market’s demand for a newspaper press that can be modularly expanded in stages from low to high automation.

At the time a project is concluded, the Automation packages and the High Quality packages can be defined and retrofitted later as needed. When a higher level of automation is required, the printing unit is compatible with all autoprint modules featuring automated process steps that are retrofittable for more run length flexibility and efficient planning, as well as less paper waste. In the case of a fully-equipped pressline, paper logistics are automated, printing plate supply is controlled by printnet, and robots take care of plate changing. Integrated systems control web tension, cut-off register, fountain solution feed, or ink density. The printnet software networks and documents the workflow from the editorial department to the loading dock.

As always with manroland, premium print quality is a matter of course. With the High Quality package, one can produce jobs similar to magazines in addition to newspapers. This pays off on the one hand by increasing entertainment value for readers. And on the other hand, through contract printing for the advertising industry, whereby the pressline can be utilized around the clock producing for example magazines, inserts, or catalogs.

Smoothly and quietly to excellent print quality
A special feature: the COLORMAN e:line meets entirely different requirements. Through freely selectable equipment, it offers different speed ranges, from the medium up to the highest performance class. It permits product impositions with 4 or 6 pages across the web. The variant with single circumference plate cylinders enables the advantages of low plate consumption when running double production to be fully utilized. Furthermore, manroland has reduced operating costs and increased maintenance friendliness. The operator has optimal access to two printing couples at the same time from one maintenance level. Smoothly and quietly, the new COLORMAN e:line prints around the clock in the highest quality.

Good looks: light and form
The new COLORMAN e:line will be presented by manroland with new optics. Clearly structured progressions of line and form provide a strong and impressive appearance, creating a lasting identity. Light is used as a display medium for processes and system status. This gives industrial design an entirely new significance in printing press construction.

Emphasis on ease of operation
At the same time, manroland resolutely continues making the operator a production process monitor. All necessary control steps are as simple as possible, and printnet production planning optimizes all sequences. The screen masks are clearly arranged, display and operation are integrated in one touchscreen, and automatic processes are visualized. This enables the operator to see everything at a glance: the results of his or her own actions and the condition of the press. The completely revised menu impresses with a clarity never seen before.

How much “new” do you need to be competitive? pressupdate is the answer
How do I keep my production facility state-of-the-art? An individual question to which the manroland experts offer four answers under the term pressupdate: Refurbishment, Retrofit, Reconfiguration, and Upgrade.

One of these approaches is worthwhile even when the newspaper printing system is not from manroland, because it can also be upgraded through high-performance manroland technology.

  • Refurbishment: The objective of refurbishment is to regain the original print and production quality of the press. It is thoroughly checked and refurbished by a team of experts, and then the life cycle can start again. 
  • Retrofit: Retrofit is the right choice when the configuration of a press is to remain the same but efficiency increased. To safeguard performance for the coming years, modern control systems or new drives are retrofitted.
  • Reconfiguration: A mixture of new and existing components can for instance provide a newspaper with full-color capability or increase the number of pages. New manroland technology can also be combined well with newspaper printing systems from other manufacturers.
  • Upgrade: New products and business models are achievable with an existing newspaper printing system. manroland offers extensive upgrade solutions such as the automatic start-up system QuickStart or the plow fold, to enable publishing houses to react to new developments during the investment life cycle.

Automatically successful with autoprint
At IFRA Expo in 2008, manroland launched the concept of the future: One Touch – printing at the push of a button with only one operator at the control console. Meanwhile twelve newspaper printing houses are producing with COLORMAN autoprint presses and have thus taken significant steps towards full automation, and another four will join them in the near future. What will this bring? Very simple, the production will become:

  • automatically calculable: manroland offers comprehensive automation for highly efficient planning. One could easily think that manroland presses were developed by business administrators.
  • automatically more economical: manroland offers comprehensive automation for optimal resource conservation. Low life cycle costs save significant sums over normal investment periods.
  • automatically operator-friendly: manroland offers comprehensive automation for future-safeguarded workplaces in printing. With this, something priceless has returned to the daily routine of printing: stability and tranquility.

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