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WoodWing cross-media publishing system Enterprise 7.4 Available

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The new version 7.4 of WoodWing's cross-media publishing system Enterprise offers the highest degree of efficiency and flexibility when publishing to multiple channels. A completely new multi-channel text editor eases the process of content creation, while improvements in working with article components help page designers to quickly set up complex layouts. With support for hotspots on hotspots, the new version also adds a highly desired interactive feature for tablet publications. Finally, a new import option allows for merging different parts of a digital magazine into one final publication. During the IFRA Expo 2011, taking place in Vienna from October 10-12, WoodWing will be showing Enterprise 7.4 at booth A660.

Content Station, part of WoodWing's cross-media publishing system Enterprise, offers a completely new multi-channel text editor.

WoodWing Software, renowned developer of innovative workflow solutions for newspaper, magazine and corporate publishers, today announced the availability of version 7.4 of its cross-media publishing system Enterprise. WoodWing Enterprise consists of the Enterprise Server, the Content Management application Content Station and the Smart Connection plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and InCopy.

New multi-channel text editor in Content Station
Content Station 7.4 features a completely new text editor, enabling content producers to address virtually any publication channel directly from within a single application. The new editor provides a more extensive feature set, along with greater flexibility than previous editors. It supports round-tripping of documents with Adobe InDesign and InCopy, as well as copy-fit and preview functionality, along with track-changes and spell-checking.

Because Content Station is an AIR application it can run on a desktop, as well as remote in any Web browser. With the new editor on board, Content Station is the perfect solution for external content contributors. The only thing they need to work from any location is an internet connection. Content Station 7.4 also features quite a few user-interface enhancements, based on customer feedback.

Smart Connection 7.4 and Digital Magazine enhancements
The Smart Connection plugins for InDesign and InCopy have been enhanced too. The Elements panel has been extended for easy management of multiple article components. Adding, changing and removing head, intro, body and other components can now be done using simple drag-and-drop. Also, all articles in a layout can be checked out or checked in at once, speeding up the design process.

WoodWing's Digital Magazine plug-ins for InDesign provide the most efficient creation tools for tablet publishing. With version 7.4, the tools have been enhanced to support hotspots on hotspots, opening the door to the next level of interactivity. Designers have been clamoring for this new feature, so they can easily structure interactive content in a reader-friendly, creative and concise manner. Other smaller enhancements have also been incorporated in this new release.

Integrating external content in Digital Magazine publications
Integrating externally produced content – mostly advertisements – in the final version of publications is common practice. For interactive content used in tablet publications, though, this is more challenging. WoodWing has now added the option of importing interactive content into existing publication issues in Enterprise. This allows for easier transfer of content between departments or companies. An advertisement, for example, can now be created at a different location and inserted into the complete version of a tablet publication later. This way, workload can be distributed, production times are reduced and reusing material becomes more convenient.

"We're continuously striving to make WoodWing's Enterprise publishing system the best system to publish to any channel," said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software. "Readers expect a publication to be available through multiple channels, therefore, it's our task to help publishers be present on all those channels. With the newly added text editor and some of the other new features, we have taken another step forward to make that process as easy and efficient as possible."

Enterprise 7.4 presented at the IFRA Expo 2011
Under the motto "Any Channel," WoodWing will present the new version of Enterprise at the IFRA Expo 2011, the leading event for the newspaper industry. At booth A660, newspaper and magazine publishers can explore how WoodWing's cross-media publishing system enables them to address the requirements of modern multi-channel publishing. In addition, WoodWing asked some industry professionals to get on stage at several parallel events during the Expo, such as the 63rd Newspaper Congress and the International E-reading & Tablet Conference. All details can be found at ifra.woodwing.com.


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