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CGS Launches ORIS Color Markup

Press release from the issuing company

Miami Beach, Florida (January 23, 2003) -- At the annual Graphics of the Americas show, CGS Publishing Technologies International launched a new member of the ORIS product family: ORIS Color Markup. Based on award-winning technology from Prolatus, it will allow remote users of ORIS Color Tuner, CGS’ ink jet contract proofing system, to append digital comments and annotations, using a contract-quality hard copy proof as a reference. ORIS Color Markup is the latest in a series of strategic moves by CGS in the growing field of digital remote proofing. “The ORIS system has always been synonymous with the highest level of contract proof quality,” said CGS President Trevor Haworth. “ORIS Color Markup adds remote, high-speed digital markup and review capabilities to our consistent, contract-quality hard copy ORIS Proofs.” Prolatus CEO Jeff Hoekstra added, “CGS has already solved the quality and cost issues related to proofing. By adding our patent pending Markup technology, they have added even more speed to the process, shortening proof cycles by days. Remote users especially will benefit. It’s the perfect combination for today’s high-pressured printing and publishing environments.” ORIS Color Markup allows a service provider to generate PDF or TIFF output, which is transmitted to a remote proofing location, where a hard copy proof is made using ORIS Color Tuner (automatically calibrated to a standard, using its AutoCal feature). The remote user places the hard copy proof on the Markup tablet, and his or her “hand-written” proof annotations are saved within a “Markup PDF,” which is then sent back to the service provider for appropriate action. The new product is the third component of the ORIS Remote Proofing System. The second, ORIS Certified Proof, announced in October, provides easy-to-use spectral measurement and quality control for any hard copy proof. The CGS release will be made under a technology licensing agreement with Prolatus, whose publishing workflow products have received industry recognition from Electronic Publishing, Seybold and others.