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HighWater: Torrent drives Heidelberg QuickMaster DI 46-4 Press Series

Press release from the issuing company

January 12, 2004 -- HighWater has added the Heidelberg QM DI to the impressive range of devices that the industry-acclaimed Torrent RIP can drive. HighWater Designs has developed a new and exciting solution for driving the Heidelberg QM DI 46 press range. The powerful and popular Torrent RIP outputs jobs for the DI press, creates ink-key settings files to reduce make-ready time and, therefore, makes savings in ink and paper wastage. This new product, Torrent DI, has already been installed at several locations where it is successfully outputting to the QuickMaster DI 46 press. Typically, many DI users have continued to drive their devices from the original RIP station supplied with the DI, comprising a Dec Alpha RIP and PC but with no easy upgrade path. However, customers who require greater performance from their DI can now install the Torrent (Harlequin based) RIP, running on Windows, to bring a significant increase in system performance. Torrent DI offers DI users faster, more sophisticated RIP software, together with a range of support, installation and training services. As jobs become increasingly complex, DI users can now easily and inexpensively upgrade their RIP system to cater for new formats and applications. The benefits of a Torrent DI over the original QM RIP or Delta RIP are that it can handle the latest PDFs (version 1.4 including transparencies), JBIG2 and referenced PDF. It provides faster data processing and is competitively-priced. Torrent DI also offers other features such as trapping and FM Screening. Together with the in-RIP software plugins to drive a range of Epson or HP proofers, the Torrent DI offers a complete solution for the QM DI. Once again HighWater enables end users to get the best from their equipment by utilizing powerful up-to-date inexpensive RIP technology to maximize the value of their capital investment.