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Xitron Announces Xenith Extreme 5.3

Press release from the issuing company

GraphExpo '03 - Chicago, Ill September 28, 2003 -- Xitron, the prepress industry's leading independent developer and integrator of Raster Image Processors will demonstrate a preview of the new Xenith 5.3 version at Graph Expo The new version is expected to ship later this year.  Xenith 5.3 adds many new features including: CERTIFIED PDF WORKFLOW - Xenith Extreme can now check to see if a supplied PDF was created using the required PDF creation parameters.  If the profile embedded in a Certified PDF matches the preflight profile selected in Xenith Extreme the file is passed through Primer without further processing. Certified PDF provides further automation to the Document Preparation workflow. ENFOCUS ACTION LISTS - Xenith now supports the use of Enfocus Action Lists. Action Lists can be defined in Pitstop Professional and imported into Xenith allowing the PDF file to be modified automatically. IMPROVED RIP MANAGER QUEUE LAYERING AN QUEUE FILTERING - The RIP Manager now displays files in a series of cascading subcategories, so the main job list is a significantly shorter and easier to navigate. In addition, you can now sort the job list using a series of filters. For example, sort by customer, date, Job ID or name making it much easier to find jobs in the system. IMPOSE USING 1-BIT TIFFS - Xenith Extreme 5.3 now adds the ability to impose 1-bit TIFF (TIFF B) files in the RIP. All the benefits of post-RIP imposition and late page replacement are now available when using 1-bit TIFFs supplied from RIPs or workflows. Placement files are produced for imposition in desktop applications. The imposition template is sent to Xenith where the flat is stitched together. CIP 4 - Xenith Extreme now supports the updated CIP4-PPF format and tests continue with CIP4-JDF. SCALE ROOM PROOF - Xenith Extreme 5.3 now allows ROOM proofs to be scale to fit on the proofing media. ARCHIVE - You can now select a job for archiving using one simple click in the queue. "I think users will be very pleased with the new features in Xenith Extreme 5.3. The enhancements in the RIP manager will make it even easier to find jobs in the system. In addition the automation tools for processing PDFs will improve productivity," explains R. Patrick French, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. And the support for CIP4 demonstrates our commitment to staying current with changes in technology. Xenith Extreme product line is based on the Adobe CPSI core RIP providing a full prepress workflow with Adobe Portable Job Tickets, Mac and PC clients, in-RIP Trapping, post-RIP imposition, ROOM and NORM proofing, Adobe Extreme compliance, archiving utilities and support for over 150 output devices.