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ANRO Printing Selects Syskoplan's Print.IT Solution

Press release from the issuing company

WALTHAM, Mass.--Sept. 29, 2003-- A family owned company built on tradition and customer loyalty, selects Syskoplan's Print.IT to carry the tradition forward --- implementing the "next generation" of Information Technology Syskoplan Inc., a leading provider of vertical solutions to the printing and packaging industry, today announced that ANRO Printing, a large, well recognized commercial printer and direct mail company has selected Print.IT as their foundation for the future. The strategy at ANRO is to grow through product and service diversity, increasing the value of their product offering to their clientele and not by simply streamlining their operations. Management at ANRO was quick to realize the strategic importance of Information Technology to their future success and have invested in products and services that will offer their customers and suppliers added value. Syskoplan's solution -- Print.IT -- represents the next generation of technology innovation for commercial printing, publishing and graphic arts manufacturers. The solution combines the power of the mySAP All-in-One Business Suite, the worlds leading ERP software platform, with industry specific business processes, pre-loaded content and operational "best practices" -- delivering an impressive range of functionality that today is non-existent from any other solution supplier in the printing and graphics arts industry. ANRO was founded over 50 years ago by Angelo and Rose Rossi, their dedication, hard work and family values has grown the company from 2 employees to 200 and to be a leading supplier of commercial printing, direct mail and fulfillment solutions for the Philadelphia area. To meet the needs of their growing client base extending from New York City to the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area's, a new plant, new digital based equipment and a new information system were required. 50 years later the founders still have a vision of growth built on the same traditions that have made them a success. David Spinelli, CFO of ANRO comments, "Although we recognize the importance of technology, ANRO is very conservative and fiscally responsible company so we were careful in our due diligence in selecting this solution. Syskoplan was able to demonstrate to us the benefits of their technology and software platform -- proving to us that this would be a solution that could take us into the next generation of computing and most likely be the last enterprise resource management software that we would ever need to buy. Further, we felt that their industry specific solution, combined with a pre-packaged approach would help to accelerate the implementation process yet minimize the impact to ANRO resources and ultimately allow us to better managing the financial investment overall". Syskoplan recognized early on that companies the size of ANRO -- though their needs are complex, have significantly smaller budgets to spend on software and supporting IT infrastructure than large companies. Their IT shops may have only small handfuls of employees, and they generally don't have a lot of time to spend on software implementations. Syskoplan recognized that the business needs of a graphic arts company is as complicated those companies ranked in the Fortune 500, but wanted to bring the advantages of a world class solution to an industry segment that typically could not afford the time, cost and resource impact a large-scale implementation would impose. "Small and midsize companies have the same technology needs and goals as large ones. The size of a company has no bearing on its level of sophistication. In fact, we see many small and midsized companies, like ANRO, that have manufacturing complexities that would rival some of the largest organizations in industry", said Patricia Nagle, President, North America. "With industry specific "best practice" content and business processes built into the software, and providing a pre-defined structured implementation strategy -- companies can limit the time and expense of implementations -- minimizing the potential exposure to scope creep and cost overruns, with the Print.IT solution". Print.IT, the only pre-configured mySAP industry solution for print manufacturers, delivers a fully integrated approach to supporting cross organizational business processes. Print.IT serves as the business information infrastructure, managing estimating and costing functions, material and inventory control, warehouse and distribution management, as well as scheduling, order fulfillment and comprehensive financial and accounting services --- All delivered as a pre-packaged offering from Syskoplan that enables a rapid implementation timeframe and minimizes an organizations time-to-value realization. The issue of who will be a trusted partner for an enterprise-application deployment is clearly a concern for many smaller businesses. Mr. Spinelli additionally commented that: "We were very impressed by the partnership between Syskoplan and SAP and had the opportunity to speak to the executive teams of both companies' which made us feel very comfortable with our decision. We are confident that we have found the solution and a partnership that will provides us with the broadest footprint of functionality that can scale as we grow now and into the future, and a partner allowing us to adapt to customer and industry demands for the next 50 years and beyond." "Small businesses are the cornerstone of every economy, and we are delighted to support companies like ANRO with technology innovation that will allow them to compete more effectively. We are witnessing that many small and midsize companies are starting to take a more-pointed interest in strategic business-technology initiatives--including ERP, supply chain, and CRM -- to create greater efficiencies and improve bottom lines as they are equally in need the advantages technology and automation can provide", summed up Ms. Nagle.