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Xerox Expands Worldwide Availability Of iGen3; 100 Million Pages To Date

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, Sept. 29, 2003 – With more than 100 million pages already printed by customers using the DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press, Xerox Corporation today announced that it is expanding the availability of its flagship color technology to 30 markets worldwide. Xerox recently opened 14 new markets including the U.S. cities of Seattle and Atlanta, as well as selected cities in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Russia. In total, the iGen3 will be available in nearly 30 major markets in North America, Latin America and Europe by the end of 2003. Following a phased launch beginning last year, customers report that the iGen3 is delivering new business opportunities and revenue-generating applications while significantly increasing print volumes. The high-speed digital color press also is providing a high-quality, economical alternative to traditional offset printing – allowing customers to cost-effectively produce short runs of full-color books, personalized marketing brochures, financial statements and other materials with enhanced workflow. Royal Impressions, a New York City-based commercial printer, increased its color printing revenue 15 percent over the past year. Royal expects its two DocuColor iGen3s will increase color output from 500,000 pages per month to more than 2 million within the next 12 months. Since May, Dsi Talisman, a UK-based commercial printer, has added a second iGen3 and is running a combined total of more than 1.5 million impressions per month. “The DocuColor iGen3 is delivering on its potential to help printers streamline their workflows and take advantage of the highly profitable jobs that are nearly impossible to produce economically with offset,” said Gil Hatch, president, Xerox Production Systems Group. “At Graph Expo 2003, we’re demonstrating the success of the iGen3 through the experiences of our customers who are seeing remarkable results. We’re also continuing to drive new opportunities by opening new markets and providing a new set of business development tools.” Based on data from current installations, Xerox estimates the DocuColor iGen3 has printed more than 100 million pages since last October. These pages stacked would be 33,000 feet tall or more than 20 times taller than Chicago’s Sears Tower. Building on the current success of the DocuColor iGen3, Xerox is also announcing more ways for customers to make money and improve performance of the press through new inline finishing options, workflow offerings, DocuSP and color enhancements, as well as a new addition to the customer business development program. Finishing and Book Publishing Tools Focused on the highly profitable booklet and book production applications, Xerox is providing new inline finishing options for the DocuColor iGen3. Customers can now produce perfect-bound books, square-fold booklets and hole-punched documents inline. A proven revenue generator on DocuColor and DocuTech machines, the finishing is new to the DocuColor iGen3 and includes: - The C.P. Bourg BBF2005 Perfect Binder combines with C.P. Bourg Perforate/Rotate/Fold Module (BPRF) to create an inline book factory that produces up to 350 perfect-bound books per hour. - The 2003 GATF award-winning - Xerox SquareFoldTM Booklet Maker by Plockmatic creates booklets with a square-fold edge that have the look and feel of a perfect-bound book at a fraction of the price. - The GBC In-line Fusion Punch II, a finishing option for creating hole-punched documents ready for mechanical layflat type binding such as coil-bound books. The Fusion Punch II includes an inline stacker, has a configurable punch and handles intermixed stocks. Customer Business Development To help customers succeed and build new business and revenue, Xerox has developed a strong set of business development tools and programs. The latest addition to the portfolio is uPublisher – a digital learning simulation tool to help printers produce full-color books on the DocuColor iGen3 and co-developed by Xerox and RealVue Simulation Technologies Inc. uPublisher’s key application is an interactive Print-a-Book Simulation that allows printers to practice programming a sample job on a simulated DocuColor iGen3 without tying up actual equipment. Other contents include designing an effective workflow and three sample, ready-to-print book files. Additionally, the program comes with guides about how to print and sell digital color books, create new business opportunities and develop a customer base. DocuSP and Color Enhancements Xerox is also offering a new configuration to its DocuSP color server in the form of a parallel RIP — designed to maximize productivity for customers who print long and graphic intensive jobs, use PDF workflows or simply want the most robust RIP available. The DocuSP Parallel RIP configuration is an enhancement to the system’s architecture that provides more power to customers by using multiple CPUs to break up large print jobs and to process information or images at the same time – leading to a shortened overall RIP time. The Parallel RIP can also process multiple smaller jobs at the same time for “rapid fire” printing and less press downtime between jobs – which translates into more revenue-generating availability. The Parallel RIP comes in three configurations – four, six or eight CPUs, increasing standard system performance by 2x, 3x and 4x respectively. By the end of 2003, upgrades to the DocuSP Parallel RIP will be available for existing and new DocuColor iGen3 customers. In addition to these workflow improvements, Xerox is enhancing the quality of color output. Based on customer feedback, Xerox is reformulating its magenta dry ink making colors more vibrant and stretching the DocuColor iGen3 color gamut. The new magenta dry ink will be available later this year. Pricing The U.S. list price for the DocuColor iGen3 finishing options are as follows: Xerox SquareFoldTM Booklet Maker - $52,500; C.P.Bourg BBF2005 Perfect Binder with the C.P.Bourg Perforate/Rotate/Fold Module (BPRF) - $132,300; and GBC In-line Fusion Punch II with inline stacker - $59,950. Finishing options are available mid-October in the U.S. and Europe. U.S. list price for the DocuColor iGen3 with DocuSP Parallel RIP begins at $590,000. Order taking will begin on Nov. 1 for the Parallel RIP and shipments in Europe, North America and Developing Markets will start in November.