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New Heidelberg Finishing Technology Makes Global Debut

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, September 28, 2003 — Heidelberg made the global debut of the Speedbander 603 high-speed banding system and for the first time under the Heidelberg name, the Dymatrix die-cutting system, formerly the Jagenberg WPM 304, will be on display at Graph Expo/Converting Expo 2003. The inline version of Heidelberg’s widely anticipated Probinder wire comb binding system also will be demonstrated for the first time. Other finishing highlights include the demonstration of the 2003 GATF Intertech award-winning ST 400 saddlestitcher in a CIM environment. Heidelberg will display a variety of Stahl Folding systems and sophisticated POLAR cutting systems networked together through the Prinect concept with GATF winner Compucut and Compufold. As Heidelberg continues to develop innovative equipment and new systems, it also announced earlier this year that it has taken over the world-class die-cutting and folding-carton operations of Jagenberg that will be shown for the first time at the show. Heidelberg believes that with this new acquisition, the unveiling of new equipment and its advances in automation, it has positioned itself at the forefront in the areas of binding and finishing. “As more and more emphasis is placed on faster turnarounds and fewer overhead costs, finishing departments around the country are going to have to become more automated and that is exactly what Heidelberg is doing with its solutions,” said Larry Tanowitz, senior vice president, finishing, Heidelberg USA. “We are developing the most advanced technology on the market and at this year’s show we will demonstrate how far finishing has come.” In addition to the equipment and announcements above, Heidelberg will host live demonstrations and presentations to showcase entire systems and discuss detailed components that make Heidelberg’s finishing equipment the finest in the world. Below is a general summary of postpress equipment being demonstrated at the show. Speedbander (see separate release): Heidelberg's Speedbander is a combination of speed and productivity. This highly productive bander includes functions such as counting, pressing, jogging, and banding - all completely automated. Folded signatures and bound products are accepted in up to three or four (depending on the model) adjacent flows, stacked and then reliably and quickly banded using a unique, non-wearing ultrasound technology. Bundles are then deposited on a delivery table at an ergonomically favorable height for easy removal. The Speedbander outputs 600 bundles an hour, nearly twice that of other systems. Dymatrix (see separate release): Making its worldwide debut at Graph Expo, the Dymatrix die cutter is the only platen press in the industry with an upper moving platen completely equipped with roller bearings and motorized adjustment of cutting pressure. This guarantees consistent quality material flow on one level without any vertical material movement allowing high speed converting of up to 9,000 strokes per hour, even with lightweight material. The rigid concept of the cutting station in connection with the high quality of manufacturing,manufacturing considerably reduces makeready for its users. Probinder: Probinder makes books on demand a reality by producing the optimized size wire binding from a single wire for each individual book, addresses the market demand for ever-shrinking job runs and frequent format changes. Probinder, for example, can handle anywhere from two to 200 sheets of 80 grams per square meter (equivalent to 55 lbs offset or 30 lbs cover), with a maximum document thickness of two centimeters (3/4"). Makeready is not required since Probinder, at the mere press of a button, adjusts automatically to the correct document thickness. Other binding equipment on display will be the Stitchexpert 2 Tower and Spinemaster binding system. ST 400: The state-of-the art, GATF Intertech award winning saddlestitcher, the ST 400 is revolutionizing the Graphic Arts Postpress Industry. The ST 400's concept, functionality, style and performance have taken the Postpress process to a new level. The ST 400 has changed industry standards of how saddle stitchers are manufactured and produced. Integrating state-of-the art electronic design technology with the quality and integrity long associated with the Heidelberg name makes the ST 400 the premiere saddlestitcher in today's market. Heidelberg’s ST 100 and ST 270 also will be on display in VideoJet booth Stahl Folding Systems: Heidelberg offers a complete line of buckle plate folders of the Stahl folder series. The modular construction as well as several additional devices guarantees highest flexibility and productivity. Several models will be on display including: Quickfolder - Table-top model with integrated fold catalogue, automated settings and movable base. Ti 55 – The small, yet highly economical folder with continues feeder. This high productive folder is the ideal folder for small commercial printers. TD 52 – This advanced folder incorporates the latest digital technology and will be shown with a Heidelberg Compufold system attached. This folder comes with automated buckleplates ensuring folding accuracy, fast change-overs and high output. ND 3 – Drilling system for hole punching includes an overload warning light and movable drill heads making it the only system in its class with this feature. B-20 – Pile fed folder for smaller commercial printers. B-26 – Highly acclaimed and popular folding system includes a VSA vertical stacking delivery system making it easy to run and highly productive. TD-78 – Like all TD series folding systems, the TD-78 is equipped with digital intelligence to ensure an increase in productivity by reducing makeready times and providing optimum operational convenience and reliability. POLAR Cutting Systems: POLAR has networked different operating functions such as lifting, lowering, loading, jogging, buffering, cutting, transporting and unloading into automatically controlled processes. POLAR cutting systems automate the entire production process to which fully automated cutting systems have been implemented world-wideworldwide setting new automation standards as the first of its kind. Whether a small commercial printer or specialist in large-volume printing, the POLAR system concept has a tailor-made solution for any specific requirement. POLAR 66- This quick cutter is a programmable machine practically anyone can operate from the first moment. Quick-Print shops, copy shops, commercial print shops, profit centers and quick print, in-plant printers appreciate not only their convenient operation but also the long service life of this POLAR machine. POLAR 78ED & 115ED Autotrim -These POLAR high-speed cutters include a full-function keyboard, programmable parameters specific to each job, and backguage compensation. It is programmable for each program or a series of options for special tasks that provide more convenience and additional efficiency even for specialized cutting work. POLAR System 6 – Built on Heidelberg’s most popular System 2 as the industry’s most advanced automated cutting system for all variety jobs requiring fast turn-around and high output. It is a modular system that can be custom designed for each customer to maximize productivity and reduce redundant manual labor.