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Maxson's "Tape Over Pile" feature improves quality, increases output

Press release from the issuing company

Maxson Automatic Machinery Company incorporates an enhancement to its sheeters that improves pile quality, increases line speeds by 200 fpm (65 mpm) and reduces machine make ready times.  Including 'tapes over the pile', a unique air delivery system and a connecting frame that allows the Operator to mechanically adjust the stacker when setting up the size in the sheeter's delivery system this design assures press ready piles on light weight or static prone materials.

Compressed air is introduced at the end of the delivery system creating a cushion between each cut packet that overcomes static build up and helps float long, limp sheets up against driven top tapes that carry the sheet out into the stacker.  The layer of air dissipates as the sheets settle and are jogged into place.

The delivery system's overlap carriage is joined to the stacker's front stop assembly.  The connecting arms serve as the framework for the tapes over the pile design.  When the Operator repositions the overlap carriage for a new cut off, the sheet length setting for the stacker is automatically set.