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INX introduces new paste-ink dispensing technology for mid-market printers

Press release from the issuing company

Elk Grove Village, IL, September 25, 2003 -- INX International Ink Co. has announced an innovative new paste-ink dispensing system for customers -- a self-contained, advanced technology system that eliminates costly traditional-system pumps, complex installation and huge space requirements. Designed in cooperation with Northbrook, Illinois-based GFI Innovations, LLC, the new OPL (Offset Paste Lithographic) series systems offer speed and accuracy benefits that, until now, were available only to liquid ink users -- or for paste inks, only with traditional dispensing systems that were too costly for all but the largest, high-volume printing operations. "Now many more printers can say 'good-bye' to tedious knife work, digging ink out of pails," observes Dan Babe, INX Customer Engineering Services Director who has supervised development of the OPL Dispensers. "More importantly, they can say 'hello' to getting on-press quickly with precisely formulated colors in small batch amounts -- in-house capabilities that could help them take on more higher end jobs, as well as deliver fast turnaround jobs more cost-effectively." New Paste Dispenser Automated, accurate dispensing eliminates tedium, time, guesswork; avoids costly press rescheduling. "Press time is precious, and staying on-schedule is crucial -- especially in shops handling a variety of relatively short-run, fast-turnaround jobs," adds Rick Clendenning, INX International CEO. "All too often, however," Clendenning continues, "making sure the right ink is on hand and in ample supply is one of the last items on the checklist. And if that special ink isn't right there, or if the customer is very selective about ink (and nowadays, more of them are), hours can be lost trying match colors and getting proofs approved -- or scrapping your set-up to run another job until special inks arrive -- or, worse yet, rerunning a job that didn't quite come up to specs." Touch a few buttons and -- presto! -- just-right colors, ready to run. OPL systems automatically dispense up to 16 color components, in individual formula amounts as small as 5 grams. For operators with this computerized system, all it takes is four quick "clicks": Select the formula. Pick the container (such as a 3-1/2 gal. bucket). Decide how much -- say, a 10-lb. batch. Then click on "Mix" and the machine takes it from there! Self-contained units fit almost anywhere. Exclusive bag system eases handling, reduces costs. Self-contained INX-GFI OPL series dispensers avoid costly pumps, special lines, piping or disruptive installation common to traditional dispensing systems. Each OPL unit is about 11 feet long and 4 feet deep -- and can be installed in minutes. A unique and exclusive PacSac bag system makes ink handling easier, while also reducing waste and disposal costs. See automated OPL action, get full details at INX Graph Expo Booth 843. Visitors to Graph Expo can see first-hand how new OPL Series paste ink dispensers can fill a huge need among printers who require numerous color combinations in small and medium quantities -- often on short notice -- with automated ease and computerized accuracy. A 16-component OPL system will be demonstrated live during Graph Expo at INX International Booth 843, with dispensing technology presentations also scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, at 2:00 p.m. The ink dispensing presentations are part of INX' "Boost Your Ink IQ" mini-seminar series at Graph Expo. Other short sessions cover topics such as Color Management, Random Dot Technology, Six Sigma quality initiatives, Inks & Coatings and the latest advances in UV.