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For demand-oriented air consumption: the Roland SelectAirStation

Press release from the issuing company

ROLAND SelectSystems is the brand for peripheral equipment and auxiliaries from manroland. Developments focus on performance, economy and ecology, and the new generation ROLAND SelectAirStation air supply cabinets are a fine example with their high degree of efficiency.

Directing air to where it is needed and integrating it optimally in the printing process consumes energy, which costs money and resources. This is why an efficient air supply is an important factor in sustainable print production.

Abundant air supply for all consumption points
The SelectAirStation concept provides the air needed for sheet transport throughout the press. Optimal quality and process security are harmonized with resource conservation. This requires a demand-oriented air supply so that only the energy actually needed is consumed. Blast and suction air are used for sheet guidance, and so "air consumers" can be found from the feeder right through to the delivery.

Linked to the control console
The ROLAND SelectAirStation is linked to the press control console and available in two versions: air-cooled and water-cooled. The soundproof cabinet filters and purifies sucked-in air. The main feature of the cabinet is frequency-regulated (i.e. demand-controlled) compressors which are extremely energy efficient, up to 50 percent more efficient than standard compressors. This means lower installed power and power costs and less heat to be dissipated. Another important factor here is that the dimensions and output of the SelectAirStation are matched to manroland presses. The link to the control console permits comfortable control of the air consumption points.

As much as necessary, as little as possible
How does the SelectAirStation manage to provide air for optimal sheet travel with minimum power consumption? The answers lie in demand orientation, the technology, the thermal circuit, and the combination with QuickChange Air.

Air consumption is demand-oriented. The characteristic curves of the compressors are coordinated with the range of weights of paper and cardboard normally used. The compressors are speed regulated which saves energy and also ensures the ideal amount of air in the non-contact operating compressors which require no lubricant. The thermal circuit utilizes resources better. Air cooling is used to remove the heat from the pressroom and dissipate it outside. Heat recovery for reusing energy is achieved with water cooling. The combination of the SelectAirStation with QuickChangeAir increases efficiency. This enables air settings to be stored, which saves valuable makeready time and waste sheets with repeat jobs.

The power consumption of the SelectAirStation air supply cabinet has been ascertained in accordance with the "Guideline for ascertaining company-specific power consumption of sheetfed offset presses".

Performance features
Air supply with the SelectAirStation is a part of the Value Added Printing strategy. The demand-oriented, high-tech air supply ensures faster, economical and sustainable production. Printing companies benefit from the following advantages:
- Optimally matched to the sheet guiding systems of manroland presses
- Demand-oriented compressor control
- Energy costs reduced by up to 50 percent
- Comfortable remote control and air settings from the control console
- Effective heat reduction in the pressroom
- Very good ROI
- Lubricant-free, low maintenance & non-wearing compressors
- Reduced noise level
- Low floor space requirement
- Fast "Plug&Play" installation