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EFMD Publishes Free to Download Book - The Sustainable Business

Press release from the issuing company

Brussels - The Sustainable Business dispels the common belief that sustainability is solely about going green. Sustainability is about sensible business and it covers the legal, financial, economic, industrial, social and behavioural aspects of business. In particular, sustainability is about measuring and controlling expenses wherever they arise, whether through the husbanding of scarce raw material resources or the use of energy. Measurement and control are something that every businessman or businesswoman can understand.

Distributed free by the EFMD the book is designed to help businesses generate long-term profits, create jobs, and optimize resources. Using a tried-and-tested teaching model developed by the author Jonathan Scott, The Sustainable Business reveals proven ways to apply long-term (sustainable) business concepts in a concise, easy-to-understand framework. Specific material covered within its pages includes:
- a more complete picture of what sustainability is about and what it entails in a business context,
- how workplaces, products, production lines and people can become more efficient, and profitable,
- how simple basics such as proper lighting can lower costs, increase productivity up to 16% and raise sales by 40%,
- how something as seemingly innocuous as extraneous packaging can substantially reduce expenses (one company is currently saving over $3-billion a year from reduced packaging),
- how any organization can begin a waste-reduction program that leads to greater sustainability,
- what the single greatest consumer of electricity is in the industry and how it can be minimized,
- how to make any office less wasteful, more efficient and less costly,
- how (and why) sustainable activities pay for themselves,
- how to get people to think in the long-term, and more.

E-copies of The Sustainable Business are available for free at (The EFMD website). It is not necessary to register, fill out any forms, or leave a name or e-mail address. Just click on the book's link to download the full PDF file.

One independent review of The Sustainable Business concludes as follows:

One leaves (The Sustainable Business) hoping that it represents the future of business education... our economic and environmental health could use a large shot of this kind of thinking.