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NAPL-BCPIA membership agreement breaks new ground in cross-membership

Press release from the issuing company

Paramus, N.J. –  The National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) and the British Columbia Printing & Imaging Association (BCPIA) have signed an agreement to offer BCPIA's Active Members a new category of Affiliate Membership in NAPL. The agreement, which takes effect immediately, provides BCPIA's Active Members with access to many of the tools and resources NAPL offers plus a significantly reduced rate for NAPL's Premium Membership should an individual company want more in-depth, hands-on assistance and expert guidance.

BCPIA's Active Members now have an opportunity to review best practices in business management and insight from real-world experts included in special NAPL Executive Briefings, White Papers, and research studies.

Marilynn Knoch, Executive Director of BCPIA, says, "BCPIA is enthusiastic about these new resources. We are always looking for additional industry-specific value-added benefits for our members. This agreement with NAPL provides our Active Members with access to such valuable components of NAPL as the NAPL Information Central, online Hourly Rate Tools, access to Member-Only Web pages, and discounts on NAPL products, services, programs, and publications."

BCPIA members who have had previous experience with NAPL products are very pleased with the expanded opportunities this agreement adds to their BCPIA membership.

"We are very excited to bring the BCPIA members into the NAPL Community," says Kristen Kitchen, NAPL Director of Membership. "They will benefit from many different perspectives in the form of education; NAPL Management Plus Best Practices Assessment tools; NAPL communications, newsletters and webinars; members-only pricing; and the very popular online management tools.  Among the programs they will be invited to join are our NAPL Research Center Studies, Performance Indicators, and all other NAPL-specific events. These are just a few of the great benefits of NAPL membership and we look forward to bringing more to the BCPIA members!"

"Specific details of our agreement with NAPL are on our website at the Member Benefits tab at www.bcpia.org with information on how to join BCPIA," adds Knoch. "This program and other benefits like a Premium Membership in Whattheythink.com add a vast menu of alternatives and additional value such as webinar training and business tools that can benefit those who are not able to participate in most BCPIA programs due to distance and/or time restrictions."