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Bitstream announces the release of Pageflex 7.6

Press release from the issuing company

Marlborough, MA - Pageflex, a division of Bitstream Inc. and a leading developer of enterprise variable data publishing and web-to-print solutions, announced today the release of Pageflex 7.6. This latest upgrade reinforces the Company's commitment to developing features that provide customers with better control and flexibility in how they manage their workflows. In addition, Pageflex 7.6 is the first authoring application available on the market with the ability to produce PDF/VT files, a new ISO industry standard for exchanging variable data jobs with digital presses. Together, these new features in Pageflex 7.6 enable customers to create highly customized communications and document management solutions that yield greater operational efficiency. Pageflex 7.6 is available immediately.

Anna Magliocco-Chagnon, President and CEO, Bitstream Inc., says: "Increasingly, customers tell us their biggest challenge is finding creative ways to meet the demands of their clients without compromising efficiency. We took that feedback and created Pageflex 7.6, a release that builds on our history of providing tools that address the ever-changing challenges faced by our customers. Included in this release are features that give customers better control of their workflows, their marketing campaigns, their fulfillment solutions and, ultimately, their customer relationships."

Highlights of the release of Pageflex 7.6 include the following:

Pageflex Storefront

Pageflex Storefront is the company's award-winning Web-to-print and brand management solution.
Version 7.6 of Pageflex Storefront includes:  
- Workflow customization features to give service providers better control over how their sites behave, enabling them to better manage and fine-tune their online stores to meet the needs of a wide range of end users. For example, deployers can control which steps users must complete, the order in which they're to be completed, include custom steps, and conditionally configure access based on user login.
- Support for predefined kit products. With this new feature, deployers can decide which components to include in a kit and how variable content gets applied to one, some, or all of those components. This simplifies the online ordering process for end users and enables service providers to offer price discounts when items are purchased as a kit.
- Usability enhancements to the shipping address book.
- New API features to improve IT management.

Pageflex Campaign Manager

Pageflex Campaign Manager enables users to create and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns with personalized URLs. Pageflex 7.6 expands the reach of this technology by giving marketing service providers (MSPs) the ability to assign specific functional roles to various stakeholders of a marketing campaign. This means that MSPs can empower their clients to manage some aspects of their cross-media marketing campaigns-such as allowing a client to modify which data is displayed on the online tracking site-without giving them the ability to access other administrative responsibilities.

Pageflex Studio

Pageflex 7.6 also brings enhancements to Pageflex Studio, including:

The ability to add outlines to text. Combined with new overprint capabilities for all colors, this feature opens up a new market for Pageflex Storefront as silkscreen printers can use Pageflex to sell customizable silkscreen products online.

- A new "find & change font" feature. Now, template designers have the ability to find where a particular font-even one that is applied to white space-is used within a document, and to either change it to any locally available replacement or globally change all found instances throughout the entire template.

Pageflex Server
Included in Pageflex 7.6 are features that enable Pageflex Server administrators to better identify and recover from potentially costly production glitches. These include:

The Pageflex Server API has been extended to support automatic event triggers, easily enabling the creation of simple utilities to post error, warning, status, and informational messages via email or SMS.

Server Administrators can now access a dedicated view of partially completed jobs, that is, those in which the final rendered record count is less than the initial submitted record count. New menu options for editing and resubmitting the XML data that drives production allows problematic jobs to potentially be repaired and re-run without having to re-engage the user who originally submitted the order.

Support for PDV/VT
With the release of Pageflex 7.6, Pageflex customers will have the option to purchase a PDF/VT ("V" for Variable, "T" for Transactional) output driver. PDF/VT is an ISO-approved PDF-based document description format optimized for variable-data document production. The goal of this standard is to define a PDF-based format for describing variable-data documents in a way that will allow them to be produced with greater speed, efficiency, and consistent quality.

"PDF/VT represents the wave of the future for variable data printing, the most dynamic segment of the industry. Pageflex users will soon be reaping the rewards of the new format: clean hand-offs, efficient prepress workflows, effective high-ROI campaigns, and compelling, graphically rich content," says Mark Lewiecki, Senior Product Manager for the Adobe PDF Print Engine. "I welcome Bitstream's initiative in continuing to enrich Pageflex with leading-edge features that raise the bar, and empower their customers."

More Details on Pageflex 7.6
More details on Pageflex 7.6 will be posted over the next week at the Pageflex Blog .

In addition, Pageflex has scheduled a series of webinars for customers and prospects:

An introduction to Pageflex 7.6 for Pageflex Customers
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
10:00 a.m. (EDT)

Introducing Pageflex 7.6 for New Pageflex Users and Prospects
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
2:00 p.m. (EDT)

Additional webinar times for customers will be posted on the Pageflex blog.