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Bloozie announces (their) news app for iPad

Press release from the issuing company

It can't have passed many people's attention that Apple is now marketing a product called the iPad, which according the manufacturer is simply the best way to experience the internet, e-mail, photographs and video.

Several international media have referred to it as a good alternative to printed media, and can even be involved in strengthening some of them.  This depends, of course, on the business models the specific newspaper chooses, but there are many possibilities in presenting news and background material on the iPad.

Newspapers and magazines everywhere are plagued by falls in revenue from advertising and subscriptions.  Newspapers' readership is falling, and newspapers are sometimes seen as an old-fashioned form of news media in younger generations.  Distribution is expensive, revenue is being distributed to more parties and there is competition from free newspapers and news on the internet.

A newspaper on iPad doesn't need to be printed or distributed but can be read in an environment that in many ways is similar to a PC, with everything this entails regarding internet browsing.  The newspapers' publisher has the possibility with Bloozie's software to get their newspaper customised, in accordance with the business model they wish to utilise.

The newspaper of the future
The Bloozie iPad News App is now offering itself to this market.  Bloozie iPad is software that gives the opportunity to read media in a new way and is developed to be able to satisfy three different target groups: Newspapers, advertisements and catalogues.

Bloozie iPad News App is designed to read daily newspapers directly on the world's currently most hyped and most advertised computer.  With Bloozie iPad News App an array of special options are available that are totally in line with what technology is currently capable of, giving the best options for reading.  At the same time, a clear layout makes it easy to navigate specific sections of the newspaper.                    

An OEM product
The Bloozie iPad News App is an OEM product that can be named and adjusted as wished by the newspaper, whilst being a quick way to get an app on the market that is fully-developed and can be launched very quickly.

The Bloozie iPad News App leans heavily on the way a newspaper is usually read, it is easy to navigate, it is arranged into sections as a sheet newspaper and yet has all of the new rich media options, such as enlargement of text, 3D viewing and gallery viewing of images and video.

Always updated
As a website, the application is always up to date, it connects to the internet and updates online, and so the most recent news stories are always there.

Main page viewing is split into a widget-area and an overview of articles, which is rotated when the iPad is rotated. The format can thereby be utilised to the fullest, depending on what you want to read.  The first article is as standard, also the biggest.

When you click toward the main page's overview, you are brought to a view of articles where the text can be scaled up or down.  Pictures from the article are automatically distributed within the article.  From the article view you can choose if any video, image or 3D panorama image should be viewed in a gallery view.

Viewing of articled is based on standards such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Widget, section and gallery
The Widget area is as standard, placed on the left-hand side of the screen.  Information that is relevant within the single sections can be viewed here. For example, it can show what is currently being broadcast on TV under the section "Life" and under "Sport" it can show various up to date results or the current weather. The possibilities are almost endless.                     

The sections area shows the top stories from each section and each story is updated every ten seconds.

With the gallery view, the user can access the day's images or video clips from the widget area.  If the user accesses the gallery view from the article view, the current images from the article are shown.

A little about the back-end
Everything that is shown in the articles is obtained from a mySQL database in our demo-setup, but can naturally be adjusted for news feeds from any given newspaper. For the widget area, all information is shown, such as the day's weather, what is on television right now, via data coming from RSS feeds or public API, such as Yahoo API for weather. 

The layout of the viewing of the main page, articles and the gallery are all based on HTML5, CSS3, plus javascript and are thereby simple to integrate and adapt.

The whole back-end is calculated for adaptation for all players on the market, Saxo, Tieto, Managing Editor, etc.