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Genius 52UV convinces at Teknik Print in Malaysia

Press release from the issuing company

Since its official launch in the Asia Pacific growth region at Pack Print 2007 in Bangkok, the Genius 52UV from KBA-Metronic has been enjoying great success here - as in many other countries. The compact, waterless Genius 52UV in A3 format has been developed primarily for printing on plastics and on lenticular and laminated films but it also shows its high quality level on such conventional materials as paper and cardboard. An unprecedented versatility in terms of substrates, very short setup times, a production printing rate of 8,000 sheets/minute, very low amounts of wastepaper, and high ease of use make the compact small-format machine attractive as an entry model for small and medium businesses, too. The space-saving printing and innovative design offers an attractive investment in practice with many advantages as users quickly get used to the convenience of the compact Genius 52UV and can deploy it to meet current market trends.

Displays and packaging for international branded companies
The best example is the printing company Teknik Print Sdn. Bhd., founded in 1997 by Liew Heng Keong near the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. Now expanded to cover an area of 22,000 m2, this rapidly growing full-service operation with 33 employees has a very good reputation with its customers far beyond the borders of Malaysia, and it now prints for multinational brands. The extensive range of print products covers the display and packaging sectors. The company, specializing in UV printing on metallised paper and various plastic substrates uses innovative technologies in pre-press, print processing and finishing and has taken a further step to success with the new Genius 52 UV. Teknik Print mainly prints on plastic packaging, wallet packs, vinyl labels, sales wobblers, plastic cards, bookmarks and presentation boxes, plastic rulers, table mats, point-of-sale advertising material and numerous other plastic applications.

Spontaneous investment crowned with success
A year ago, the owner of the Balakong-based Selangor Darul Ehsan operation was impressed straightaway by the Genius 52UV printing demonstration at the Cards Asia exhibition in Singapore and bought the star of the show there and then from the stand. The new investment from KBA-Metronic joined existing plant that so far consists of two 6 or 4-colour machines of Japanese origin, and it has quickly established itself as the indispensable flagship of Teknik Print, guaranteeing further revenue growth and enabling significant increases in achievable margins, print quality, productivity and expansion of the production program.

Persuasive benefits
Liew Heng Keong feels that his high expectations have been confirmed and gives the KBA-Metronic Genius 52UV an excellent report after the first year of deployment: "For a spontaneous purchase at a fair, a printing press must offer persuasive advantages. The cost/performance ratio achieved must be right, and marked by quality, performance, reliability and a variable range of applications. Right at the start, we set ourselves the goal of relying on advanced technologies and we are now very proud to provide our customers with the Genius 52UV, a top model that is made in Germany and which sets a high benchmark in every respect. Shortly after installation, it was clear to us that we had made the right choice, because the compact waterless machine quickly became our most important means of production. Productivity, production printing rate, setup times, paper wastage and ease of use have reached a level that had previously beyond reach."

Meeting every challenge
"The Genius 52UV meets every challenge and fully adheres to our current trend of using organic substrates (biodegradable plastics) without completely sacrificing quality. In the first year, we can already say that the Genius 52UV has vigorously boosted our turnover and it has further improved our reputation with our demanding customers. Above all though, the attractive margins of the finished products are very interesting. The reliability of the machine is exemplary and is underlined by the commendable on site service support from KBA-Metronic."

Wide range of applications
The rapid Genius 52UV (up to 8000 sheets per hour) in the 36 x 52 cm format is capable of printing on plastics, metallised films and expensive-to-print substrates. Important advantages are its short make-ready times of only seven minutes, as well as the minimum initial wastage of just 10 start-up sheets to the first sheets of saleable quality. The ability to print a grid of 120 lines per cm, and to be sure of having a stable ink supply during the entire run, is another important argument. Thus absolutely new opportunities arise for users to differentiate effectively and to penetrate into new market niches. The Genius 52UV can be optionally equipped with a coating unit, so the four-or five-colour printed sheets can be fed directly into the integrated varnishing unit after intermediate drying.