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FUJIFILM Dimatix expands Spectra Polaris PQ-512 printhead line

Press release from the issuing company

Santa Clara, Calif. – FUJIFILM Dimatix today launched the third in a series of Spectra Polaris 512-jet printheads based on the company's advanced Q-Class platform. The new Polaris PQ-512/85 AAA expands the Polaris PQ-512 product line with a high performance 512-jet printhead capable of supporting aqueous, UV-curable and solvent ink formulations at drop sizes from 85 to 150 picoliters.

The new Spectra Polaris PQ-512/85 AAA printhead is equipped with a flexible fluid interface allowing single or two-color operation at resolutions to 400 dpi and frequencies up to 20 kHz. Its large range of drop sizes, broad fluids compatibility, 8 meters/second drop velocity and remarkable jet straightness make the Polaris PQ-512/85 AAA a perfect choice to address a growing range of commercial and industrial printing applications, from grand-format graphics to a wide array of colorful textiles and precision industrial coatings.

The new Polaris PQ-512/85 AAA takes its place alongside the 15-picoliter Polaris PQ-512/15 AAA capable of jetting 15 to 50 picoliter drop volumes, and the recently launched 35-picoliter Polaris PQ-512/35 AAA printhead delivering drop sizes of 35 to 80 picoliters.

All products in the Spectra Polaris PQ-512 series are general-purpose drop-on-demand printheads that utilize the binary operating capability of Dimatix' VersaDropTM jetting technology and Q-Class hybrid construction to deliver adjustable ink drop sizes from 512 individually addressable nozzles.

The Q-Class platform has enabled FUJIFILM Dimatix to develop new product lines of high-performance printhead assemblies that deliver the largest range of drop sizes, broadest ink compatibility, and higher packing density than previously possible. Shared physical features allow printer designs to be easily migrated across different model types and printing applications.

The common design and interface of Polaris PQ-512 printheads gives systems builders and OEMs access to a line of advanced printheads with drop sizes from 15 to 150 picoliters – the broadest range available. Interchangeability of printhead assemblies in the PQ-512 product line makes it easy for systems builders to "mix and match" models within the same product line in order to design systems built for a broad range of applications demanding extraordinary speed, superb quality and exceptional versatility.

An integral mounting bezel designed with precision registration points enables drop-in alignment – a unique feature that allows each 256-channel jetting module to be exchanged and accurately registered in the field without the need for special tools or recalibration. Each 256-channel module is also dual-ported to facilitate ink flushing and recirculation. Heaters and temperature sensors allow precise control of ink viscosity at jetting temperatures up to 60oC.

"The new Polaris PQ-512/85 AAA dramatically extends the range of applications that can be addressed by inkjet technology, giving systems builders and OEMs design options for speed, quality and versatility not previously possible – and providing further evidence of the power of the Q-Class platform," said Marc Torrey, Vice President, Marketing, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.