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ppi Media and XNiP sign Cooperation Agreement

Press release from the issuing company

Opposites attract! ppi Media and XNiP signed a Cooperation Agreement to create new multimedia ad spaces for newspapers and therefore a direct link between print and online in the publishing industry.

While there are numerous approaches, solutions for sinking revenues in the daily newspaper ad business can still be counted on one hand. ppi Media, a company of manroland AG, and XNiP have now jointly presented an approach for ads and editorial content from any print product to the Internet, especially to facebook. Using this new technology – the XNiP code consisting of letters and numbers – readers can text interesting articles or ads to store them in their facebook account, send them to their friends and sort them according to topics. So messages can be transmitted easily in multimedia form, reaching a significantly larger target market than was previously the case for ads without the XNiP code.

Broader range of coverage for print ads
For publishing houses, ad spaces with a broader range of coverage and a higher information density mean additional services for ad customers. These can be sold as additional business, advertisement prices can be increased or the XNiP code can be offered as an exclusive service to premium customers. ppi Media is responsible for integrating XNiP codes in the publisher's ad order entry system and providing appropriate training, while XNiP provides the necessary technology. The codes can be integrated in all ad order entry systems. A plug-in has already been developed for ppi Media's AdMan that enables automatic triggering of the code generator during ad production. Uploading digital content to the XNiP server for distribution to facebook is also fully automatic in AdMan.

Sales partnership in Germany and the USA
Apart from their cooperation in Germany, ppi Media will also be XNiP's exclusive partner in the US market. "We are very confident that the link between print and the Internet via XNiP codes will provide publishers with profitable additional business and that this technology will penetrate the market," said Norbert Ohl, Managing Director at ppi Media.